Scenes from our Weekend

We had a beautiful and cooler weekend here in Pensacola and it was such a treat.  I didn't do a great job of taking photos this weekend, but here are a few...

Friday night we thought we could get away with taking the baby out to dinner with us.  We felt like going out and it was a beautiful night, so we went to Dharma Blue where we could sit outside and tried to squeeze in a quick dinner.  Mostly, he did pretty good; but right when our meals came, he was tired and ready to go home.  Luckily we were already outside, so I could just walk around the corner with him for a few minutes and he was fine.  We quickly ate our meals and headed home.  I snapped this cute pic of the little man because it was the first time I had put real shoes on him.  It cracks me up because they made him look like such a big kid. 

Saturday morning Brody and I hung at the house while Dad had to get up early and meet some workers at the new house.  We were missing Dad as Brody and I snuggled Saturday morning, so we sent him this little photo of Brody telling him to come home!  

It worked out great.  Brody and I got dressed, got in the car, and went and picked Matt up at the house and walked downtown to the big Arts and Crafts festival.  We had some homemade gumbo at our friends house where we parked and then walked the tents.   Brody fell asleep in the stroller which was great, but I still wasn't really any the buying mood; so we have nothing to show from the arts festival.  

We went back to our friends house and watched the Gator game outside which was so nice.  The temperature really was perfect.  We hung out for awhile until it was time for Brody's nap and then headed home.  Matt grabbed some steaks on his way home and I got Brody ready for bed.   I prepped for dinner, put him to sleep, and then Matt and I were able to relax and watch the FSU vs Miami game.  

Brody has handled the time change like a champ so far.  In fact, he has been back to sleeping through the night again.  These sleep patterns are so weird.  

Sunday was another beautiful day.  We headed out to the beach for lunch with Matt's Dad and mine and then went back to my Dad's for a bit and sat outside to enjoy the cooler weather.  We were planning on taking the pontoon boat out, but we kept it simple and just sat outside and played fetch with Aspen.  

It's not always perfect or easy...there are plenty of meltdowns, extra baggage and severe diaper explosions, but it sure is nice to be able to take this little guy out and about now.    Cheers to another great weekend!

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