House Update: Appliances and Lighting

I think it's been almost a month since my last house update and I feel like things have been happening, but I don't have a lot to show for it as far as pictures go.  Everyone says once you get to this stage, things start to move very slow because its all the stuff that takes time and has to be done just right.  

Appliances are in and am so thankful they fit!! We are waiting on the hood to the range to go in (which I think might be set now) because then they will start laying the backsplash!  I can't wait to see that go in!  

Kitchen and Wetbar

Kitchen and Pantry Door

I'm so in love with the way our fireplace mantel turned out!  They still have some work to do with the brick on the inside, but it looks really nice.

This is our bathroom downstairs and they just hung these pendants.  The pendants are quite a bit larger than I thought they were going to be, but hopefully once the countertop is set on here and the mirror goes in, it should look just fine!

That's all for now.  Can't wait to show pictures of the back splash when that goes in and hopefully some exterior photos soon because we will be working on landscaping so we can cover the dirt up and start laying the wood floors in the house.  We don't want workers tracking dirt on the wood floors, so we are trying to get the exterior done first!  Stay tuned...  We might actually move into this house one days.  I'm still not 100% certain the time will ever come though...


  1. So gorgeous! All of it. Can't wait to see the rest all come together!

  2. Wow! It's going to be so gorgeous! I love, love, love the pendant lights :)

  3. Found your blog from Newlyweds North and I am LOVING your kitchen!! Color me green with envy over here!! Looking forward to following along!

  4. love your house updates!!! It is so hard to not be nit-picky as things get put in because its hard to envision it all together and finished but It will all look amazing!! Then the fun part, decorating! :)