Scenes from our Weekend | Labor Day

We spent the holiday weekend in Destin and had a blast.  My aunt and uncle live in Destin, so we got to spend a lot of time at their house and I actually spent a couple of nights there with Brody until Matt was able to make it after work and my brother and sister-in-law met us down as well. 

My aunt Ella loved her some Brody time.  She has 6 grand children of her own, but the youngest is 5 now and so she was loving some baby time again with the little Brodster.

We spent a lot of time just chillen like this vegging out and watching the U.S. Open tennis and football over the weekend.  Ella and I did venture out with Brody and took him to lunch at Tommy Bahamas and then for a quick shopping trip into J. Crew.  All went pretty well in Tommy Bahamas, but like a typical male, he was completely fed up in J. Crew.  He let us know he was ready to go home!

We took a walk on the beach to show him the Gulf and beautiful white sands for the first time.  

When it cooled off later in the afternoons, we took our chairs and ice chests out to the beach for cocktail hour and a little relaxation. 

Brody was so excited for Gator football and all the other games that kicked off this past weekend!

Sunday afternoon my aunt offered to babysit Brody for a few hours, so the four of us snuck off to Baytown Wharf for some cocktails and lunch at Acme Oyster House.  

Leaving baby Brody for a bit

Bad photo, but the four of us enjoying some time out and about.

Sunday evening the whole group was ready to go out to dinner instead of cooking in which we had been doing.  They wanted to go to a nice restaurant in Destin and I was a bit skeptical for Matt and I to go with the baby.  But, it all ended up working out.  I bathed and fed the baby at 7pm and put him in his pajamas.  He fell asleep and I carefully put him in his carseat and made sure he was good and asleep.  We then took him to the restaurant with us and I couldn't believe it, but he slept the entire dinner and no one even knew he was there.  

I tucked his little car seat underneath the table and it all worked out perfectly! It was pretty funny. 

And Mom and Dad were able to enjoy a great dinner with family!

Monday morning it was time to get in some last minute snuggles with his precious Aunt Erin and we packed up and all had lunch together on the way out of town.  It was a perfect and low key labor day weekend and a really fun getaway with baby Brody. 


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