Scenes from Our Weekend

We had another rainy weekend here in Pensacola, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves and sometimes it's a great excuse to just be lazy.  

Friday evening we hung out at the house and cooked in.  We enjoyed some cocktails outside and hung out before dinner.  Little man was being particularly fussy this evening as he woke up Friday morning with some nasal congestion, so we were trying to make him happy outside!

Hanging with Humpty Dumpty as I practice in my Bumbo

Saturday morning snuggles are my favorite!  The whole family gets to hang out in the bed and relax.  This Saturday I had this super cute Boo hat hanging around next to me from the Gap and I had to try it on my little man.  I am so excited about the holidays this year that I can hardly stand it (hence the Boo hat purchase already and maybe some Christmas pajamas.) 

He looks like a little thug money in this outfit.  It cracks me up.  I'm sad I didn't get a shot of him throwing up his gang signs.  

We spent pretty much the whole day hanging inside the house, napping, watching movies, doing laundry and just being lazy.  Brody spent some time expending energy on his activity mat and was so cute because he is now able to reach for the little animals.  I love it.

Saturday evening we had a date night planned.  We are very lucky to have grandparents close by and ones that are so sweet to baby sit for us.  Matt's mom came over around 6:30pm Saturday night and then we headed downtown for dinner and drinks.   

We started at Jackson's and just sat at the bar and ordered appetizers and drinks.  We just wanted something light and pretty quick because there were a couple of new bars that opened downtown that we wanted to check out.  

We finished up our dinner and headed to O' Reilly's Irish bar just down the street and then to the new whiskey bar, Old Hickory.  It really felt so good to just get out of the house and get dressed up and spend some quality time with the hubs.  Even though we may have checked out little Brody on the monitor a time or two while we were out, we really did great.   Some friends of ours met us out at the Whiskey Bar and we loved catching up, but by 10pm (which somehow felt like 2am) we were ready to head home.  It was the perfect evening.  

Sunday, we had more rain and a crazy hurricane-like storm in the middle of the night.  We had plans to go to our friends house who just had a baby last week to go visit and have lunch.   This photo below is Brody's face when I had to tell him he wasn't going to be able to come with us to meet his girlfriend, Amelia Kate.   Because he woke up with that nasal congestion on Friday and really still sounded congested, we didn't want to bring him around the newborn baby.  Grandma Sandy saved the day again and watched the little man while we went to visit our friends.  

I was so happy to be able to love on her and she is just tiny and beautiful and I couldn't believe that Brody was actually that small just 6 weeks ago.  

This morning I woke up with a huge smile on my face as I drank my coffee because baby Brody once again slept through the night.  He slept from 9pm to 6:30am and I'm only hoping that this means we have more nights to come like this.  We'll see if it was just a tease.   

Now we are off to head to the pediatrician to see what we need to do to get rid of his little congestion. Cheers to a great week!

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