Pregnancy Must-Haves

La Croix Water- I got so burnt out of just drinking regular water all of the time, so these flavored sparkling waters helped change up the monotony.  They are also great when you want to feel like you are having a little cocktail.  Add a splash of cranberry juice and a lime and it feels like my old favorite vodka/soda/cranberry cocktail that I love.

What to Expect Pregnancy App -  I loved this iphone app to track my pregnancy.  I downloaded one or two others, but this is my favorite.

Boppy Body Pillow - Invest in this pillow sooner rather than later.  Honestly, it is sleep-changing.  I hated using it at first because my husband and I were in a queen size bed with a dog and it was already crowded enough, plus I was snuggling the pillow instead of him so I felt really bad....But towards the end, you won't care.  It makes such a difference in my sleep.

Mustela Stretch Mark Cream - Lots of people highly recommended this stretch mark cream and I bought some early on.  I didn't love the smell of it especially during the first trimester, but I started to be able to tolerate it and use it more and more.  I switched up between Mustela, Palmer's cocoa butter, baby oil and coconut oil all throughout the pregnancy.  I figure none of it would hurt.

Up By Jawbone Bracelet - I bought this at the beginning of the year which was right at the beginning of my 2nd trimester.  A friend of mine had one and recommended it to me and I loved it! It is a bracelet that tracks your steps and tracks your sleep.  I thought it would be perfect to keep me motivated to stay moving while I was pregnant.  I loved having it. Unfortunately, mine is broken right now and it is on my list to call and see if they will send me a replacement or at least a replacement piece that broke off.  But I would still recommend having something like this to keep you motivated to stay moving.  There are other options out there such as the Nike Fuel Band and Fitbit.

Tums Smoothies - Safe during pregnancy and a must-have for heartburn or acid indigestion.  I started eating these like candy around 28 weeks or so and then stopped around 32 and now needing them again at the end here at 38 weeks. They make you feel so much better and they taste good!

Victoria Secret Foldover Yoga Pants -  Not crazy about the options VS is offering right now for these yoga pants, but they come out with new patterns all the time.  I had 2 pair that I owned before I was pregnant and they have really come in handy since my belly has gotten nice and large.  The lululemon yoga pants are always my favorite, but they have gotten a bit snug towards the end of my pregnancy where as these VS yoga pants fold up over my belly and make it super comfortable.  I love them!

Starbucks Tumbler - I've been through about 3 of these already through my pregnancy because I tend to accidentally leave them places, but they are so wonderful for making sure you are staying plenty hydrated.  You will pretty much always find me walking around with a large tumbler of water.  Right now mine is a large tervis tumbler with a lid and starbucks plastic straw.  There are several options out there, but I would suggest that you invest in something.  

Those seemed to be the top things that I have enjoyed while being pregnant.  

As far as maternity clothes, the Gap was the best place to me for nice but not too expensive casual clothes and work dresses. Old Navy had some decent casual options as well.

I really tried to purchase as few "maternity" clothes as possible.  At the beginning of my pregnancy it was cool/cold so I went with a lot of leggings and tunics which was pretty easy to get away with non-maternity clothes.  Towards the end, its been nice and warm; so I've been able to wear sundresses and maxi dresses in a larger size and be just fine.  For swimsuits, I had luck with tankinis at J. Crew and they have been long enough to cover my forever-growing belly.  

Hatch Collection has the best options for special occasion dresses! They are expensive, but great for weddings, baby showers, etc and are meant to be worn pre and post pregnancy!  

A lot of people swear by the ASOS maternity collection and I ordered a few dresses from there and didn't like any of them.  I just didn't have good luck with them.  They felt cheap and were unflattering, but their prices are definitely very reasonable.  

What did you love when you were pregnant???

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  1. such a great list! i am only 8 weeks and already having trouble keeping up with my water intake! i am going to try la croix!