35 Weeks ~ Only 35 Days to go!

Date: 5/23/13
How far along? 35 Weeks ~ Only 35 days to go!!
Baby Size? Large Cantaloupe ~baby is approx 5.5 lbs now according to What to Expect App
Total weight gain:  ~29 lbs --#29andholding --my scale is all packed up to move to my mommas house so I didn't get to weigh today.
Maternity clothes? dresses- some maternity and some not. Maxi dresses are the best!
Stretch marks? none on belly yet, using mustela and coconut oil and whatever else is next to my bedside table
Miss Anything? a good nights sleep, a glass of red wine.  but the end is in sight!!! 
Movement: still moving a ton! day and night.  Last night I felt him have the hiccups for the first time.  It was the cutest thing ever. My mom and Matt both got to feel them.  They lasted a few minutes. I felt a little sad for him.  
Food cravings: watermelon this week big time!!
Symptoms:  heartburn -still having this but seems to be a little better this week exhaustion-still tired at night but I seem to be having some better jolts of energy shortness of breath- talking a lot at one time exhausts me! 
Belly Button in or out? still an innie, but it looks funny. its spread out and weird and looks weird in tight dresses or shirts. 
Wedding rings on or off? on, but my fingers are definitely swelling. Im carefully watching when I need to take these off for good.  Right now my fingers are quite swollen in the mornings but they get better throughout the day.
Sleep:   I'm having some nights when I am sleeping well and others when I'm waking up about 4am and have trouble falling back asleep.  Waking up a lot to go to the bathroom too!
Best moment this week: Had a nice relaxing night down in Seaside with some girlfriends on Saturday night.  That was a fun little escape from packing and moving up our house.  Friday at work, my office surprised me during our monthly birthday celebrations with my BOB stroller I had registered for.  They had completely caught me off guard and strolled in with the BOB and a card from everyone.  It was so sweet.  One of our other local offices threw me a little cocktail shower last night.  It was so sweet.  I received some wonderful gifts and lots of great books for Brody.  A lot of my co-workers are so sweet and are really enjoying the celebration of baby Brody because they have watched me grow up since I was a teenager and even younger than that for some of them.  
Exercise:  Walking and Pilates....looks like I am going to make this week my last week of pilates.  My sessions are out and it is getting more and more difficult to maneuver around this big belly.  Its getting hot now and I'd love to start doing some swimming now in place of the pilates.  
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nope! 
Gender Prediction: It's a  BOY
Labor Signs: No- I might have felt the braxton hicks for the first time this past weekend.  I'm not really sure though.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but sooooo ready to get out of this house and be finished moving.  I feel like I've been packing for ever and I hate living around boxes and disarray.  We should be settled into my Mom's house this weekend. 
Looking forward to:  Memorial day weekend and being settled into my mom's and done packing!!  

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