My Brother's Getting Married

I am so excited to be celebrating this adorable couple this weekend in St. Petersburg, FL!  I absolutely love them both!  They have been together for 6 1/2 years and Erin already feels like she is part of the family, but I am so happy to finally be making it OFFICIAL! 

Here's a few photos of why I love them so much:

 They are true LOVEbirds...

They make a gorgeous couple

They know how to throw down

She gets to become my sister-in-law! (excuse my puffy eyes from crying at my rehearsal dinner from the sweet speeches)

and she can party as hard as me! (before I became pregnant)

They can coordinate their clothing

They got engaged in Vail, CO

They continue to party and always have a great time together....

And they know how to laugh at themselves.

 Most of all, Matt and I absolutely LOVE to be with them and we feel so lucky to have them as best friends!  We look forward to many fun times ahead and an absolutely amazing wedding weekend! 

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