Our New Home

Well, not yet....but it will be!  Matt and I bought a lot in January when we moved to Pensacola.  At that time, we thought we would be living in our new home by the holidays.  We thought we would draft up plans, get HOA approval, submit for permitting, start construction and be in our new home in Pensacola by Thanksgiving.  HA. It's funny to look back on now.  Needless to say, it took us MANY months to get our plans finalized, receive HOA approval, and then submit for our building permit.

So here we are just after Thanksgiving and we have FINALLY broken ground! Yippee.  We are so excited.  The best news is that we actually live just a few doors down from the lot we are building on.  That means we both drive by the lot several times every day and I will get to see lots of updates!  I am looking forward to documenting the entire process and hope to share lots of fun design ideas and our progress.


  1. Things like that always take time. We purchased our fixer upper last August and still aren't finished. It's a beautiful lot and I'm sure it will be gorgeous once it's completed:)

    1. Thanks Laurie! I know I have to be patient and certainly will be. I'm just so excited that we have finally broken ground!!!