Wednesday Wishlist through Quotes

Thanks for joining Morgan and I in another Wednesday Wishlist link-up!  We have loved getting to meet new bloggers over the last month and read all the things you ladies are wishing for.  We also appreciate you stopping by and leaving comments.  Those always makes us smile.  

Today's wish list hopefully doesn't come off too "self-pitying", but I'm warning you that it might be a bit of a brain dump.  

Life has been so busy and hectic lately that I can't seem to really keep up.  A good friend of mine put it into words pretty well recently...she said, " I feel like I am just surviving and not really living life."  That pretty much sums up how I've been feeling.  I hate to say it, but I feel like I am  just going through the motions and just surviving each day rather than taking each day by the balls and kicking ass.  

I try to remind myself that we did just have a baby 5 months ago (which is the most incredible gift in the world, but certainly life changing), we are building a house ourselves that is way more stress than we could have ever imagined, we are living in my mother's house which is absolutely beautiful but it's not ours, and we have family obligations that all pile up and take a lot out of us.  All of these things will pass and ease up and I do see the light at the end of the tunnel.  So today's wish list are little reminders to help bring me back on track and make me feel like I'm living again and not just floundering...

I wish to make time for my friends again.  I have the most amazing friends in the world (biased, I know) and I feel like I haven't had time for any of them lately.  I hope to change this. 

I wish to make more time for exercise again.  It definitely makes me happier and it feels so good when I'm on a routine and I miss it so much when I don't fit it in.

I wish to keep reminding myself of this quote below.  My husband and I want to be moved into our new house soooo bad.  For a lot of reasons really, but mainly, so we can start moving forward again.  I swear this is what has made us feel like we are in a standstill the last 6 months.  I can't explain it fully, but since moving to my moms was a temporary move, we never have settled in completely and kept thinking we'd be moved into the new house with each passing month...So I really need to let it go (some days I do better than others), and just be thankful for all the things we have.  We truly are so blessed and fortunate.  

And now that I've wallowed in self-pity for the world wide web to read, I'm wishing to do something about it.  So I'll take E. Taylor's advice and get my shit together. 

Have you gone through this feeling before?? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!  

It's your turn now...

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  1. I have a three month old little girl and I have to tell you, I feel the exact same way. I miss my time with my friends and working out! I know exactly what you mean when you say you are just going through the motions. Being a mom is a never ending job and it is difficult! Reading your post helps to know that I am not alone :) I wouldn't trade being a mom for the world, but it's a huge life change!

    1. It is the best job in the world but no doubt it's tough and certainly an adjustment. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I can totally relate! I felt this way over the summer while studying...surviving and not living. I have also felt it to a certain extent this fall while I have been job searching. Sort of like I am just on hold with everything until I hear something. What a way to waste precious free time, huh? Hang in there- I would add one more quote to your list: "The Best is Yet to Come." xo

    1. Yes, exactly! It is like you are living in "limbo" until a decision is made. That's how it feels. I love that quote and you are right about needing to add that because it's the truth! The best is yet to come... It only keeps getting better :)

  3. Awww Annie...this was a great post! I loved that you let us in ;-). Being a mom, wife, and woman can be overwhelming so these are great reminders. Plus, the last one by E. Taylor is a favorite of mine...my mother used to say it ALL the time. XOXO