House Update : Windows and Doors, a Stairwell and More

We've made progress friends!!!

This has been a big week already for progress on the house.  I think we will actually make it through the week with out any rain too which is amazing.  They put some windows and some temporary doors in the house and most importantly they finally built the stairs so I can go upstairs and look around!!!

Take a peek:

This is walking through the front door

Once you walk through th arch you come to this big open room.  This will be the kitchen to the left, family room and dining room.  They finished the coffered ceilings today.  Love them!

The staircase is in!!

Upstairs this is little Brody's nursery!

The master bedroom

The view from our master bedroom and the covered balcony off our room!

This past weekend when my mom was in town we got excited about picking out furniture for the new house.  We have a really great furniture store here in Pensacola and they are having a big sale on one of their furniture lines during the month of March.  I would love to take advantage of the sale and find some new furniture for our family room.  I didn't see the perfect couch in the store, but they are going to look for some that might work.  We didn't purchase anything this weekend, but it was so much fun to start looking and start getting some good ideas to decorate.  Here's a few things that I snapped photos of that I thought we're real pretty:

Dual Dresser for the Master Bedroom

Amazing and comfortable set of chairs 

Cute dining room chairs

I really look forward to decorating the new house.  It's fun because we are going to get to utilize pieces that we already own in our current house plus buy some new pieces.  I am on the hunt for furniture to fill the family room, dining room and master bedroom plus a few other pieces for a few of the rooms in the house.  I can't wait!! 

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