Scenes from Our Weekend

It turned out to be a busy weekend around here and it was lots of fun.  Friday evening we headed to my brothers house for dinner.  My Mom came too and made that delicious looking baked fish (Ill have to share this recipe soon, I thought it was already on here) you see on the right and I brought over my Tomato Pie.   We enjoyed a fun night while the boys played outside together!

This guy can't get enough of his glasses now!

Saturday morning I went to my friend Courtney's house to set up for a Sip & See we were hosting for her new baby boy!  Set up was so much fun because it was just 4 girls on a Saturday morning with no babies and a few mimosas (them not me!).  I'll take adult girl time whenever I can get it these days with no babies :)

I came home, grabbed the boys and we headed out for lunch.  We put Brody down for a nap and I snapped a few pictures of the progress I have made in Madelyn's nursery this week.  It's really coming together and I've had so much fun with it.  I've actually done some DIY projects for her room which I'm pretty proud of because that's not usually my thing.  Here's a little peek into the room:

Saturday night my Mom babysat for us and we met a few couples out downtown for a special event that was going on.  It was called Passport Pensacola and 10 local restaurants participated in a food and drink "progressive" if you will.  It was a nice night and fun to hit some new spots that we don't usually go to.  I looked slightly foolish at 9 months pregnant hanging around since each stop served booze, but that's okay.  I enjoyed the food!!!

My mom sent us this cute pic and a few videos while we were out of Brody running around in his Daddy's sneakers.  He was so proud of himself and looked pretty adorable!

Sunday morning was the shower for this beautiful gal and her precious baby boy.   The shower went great and it was fun to catch up with everyone and enjoy some brunch. 

Me and my Mama at the shower along with my big 37 week belly (I swear its gotten huge in the last two weeks!)

Me and my SIL, Erin! 

I came home from the shower ready for a good nap!  We all rested around my house and then we were back up and running that afternoon to have friends and family over for the Saints preseason game.  We had them all over to the Mancave for a little football kickoff party.  Thankfully my Mom brought a vegetarian lasagna for dinner and my SIL brought an awesome salad and garlic bread, so I didn't have to lift a finger!!  It was a great way to close out the weekend and now it's taken me until today to recover :) 

Hope everyone has a great week and looking forward to a long weekend ahead of us!

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  1. You looked radiant all weekend long! I think (for me at least) staying busy even if you can't enjoy all of the drinks is way better then just staying home! I can't wait to see more of baby girls nursery.....I'm thinking about installing those floating shelves for book storage too! Happy baby month!!!!!!!

  2. My mouth is still watering over your tomato pie from seeing it on Instagram!

  3. That food photo made me way to hungry for 10 AM!

  4. That sip and see looked so great!! and the nursery looks like its going to be gorgeous - cant wait for that reveal!! xo, Biana

  5. OBSESSED WITH MADELYN'S ROOM PEEK! Eeee! Question: where did you get the acrylic/lucite bookshelves?! I am crushing on them for Nancy's playroom! xx

  6. Still wanting to try that tomato pie, it looks delish! And loving that yellow dress on you - gorgeous!

  7. I can't wait to see the full nursery reveal! It's so crazy she could come any day now! And I'm making tomato pie for dinner tonight!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  8. Dying to see M's nursery!!! That bassinet + blanket combo is to die for! And as always, you look stunning! Yellow is your color lady!

  9. I love the idea of a sip and see! I am obsessing over Madelyn's nursery, I can't wait to see the full reveal! Xo, Stephanie