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+ How did you spend Cinco de Mayo?? I love Mexican and would've killed for a fresh margarita, but I did my best to enjoy it with a mocktail.  I've been loving some watermelon lately, so I pureed watermelon and strained it.  I muddled a few blueberries, mint and simple syrup together, added club soda, poured the watermelon juice and added a squeeze of lime.  It definitely helped me enjoy the holiday a little more.  

+ We had my brother and SIL over as well as my MIL and SIL for tacos that evening.  I made a homemade salsa for the first time.  I chopped up tomatoes, bell pepper, red onion, jalapeƱo, garlic, cilantro and added some oil, sugar and salt.  It was so refreshing and easy to make.  I need to do that more often.  What else do you put in your homemade salsa??

+ My friend Courtney and her daughter came over for an impromptu play date yesterday morning.  Our kids are 6 weeks apart and have been playing together since newborns.  Each time they have been together lately, they melt my little heart.  We've been waiting for the day when they really play together and it's finally come.  They were so darn cute chasing after one another.  It made me realize that having twins would eventually get easier.  The kids do start to entertain one another and make for the cutest little playmates :)

+ I made this kale salad yesterday when they came over and it was quite delicious.  I toasted the chickpea's in the oven for about 20 minutes with olive oil, salt and pepper.  I liked having the crunchiness of the toasted chickpeas.  

+ This gorgeous weather has me wanting to spruce up our outdoor patio.  I actually have a great navy/white rug in our guest room now that I think I will move to this area and then I'd love to buy two of these cute poufs for the area across from the sofa.  I need some fresh flowers that will keep themselves stay alive too.  

+ I'm headed to a wedding in Highlands, NC this weekend and I'm bringing this dress.  I'm pretty excited about it because yellow is such a fun color and I think this style covers my bump nicely.  I'm undecided on what else I'm wearing with it yet, so you'll have to wait and see next week!!

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I hope you enjoy the wedding in NC! The dress is beautiful - I'm sure you will style it perfectly! Your outdoor patio looks so inviting. I've never made salsa, but we make guac alllll the time (that and fresh lemonade are our summer staples). I need to try salsa! It is really sweet seeing babies age and play together. KC is at the point where she just started getting exciting when she sees her buddies - she grunts and yells, it's pretty cute!

  2. Have fun at the wedding! Your outdoor space is cute! I think the navy and white rug will look great!

  3. That dress is SO cute! The salsa looks super yummy! I have never made my own before but it looks so fresh and good I feel like I just need to do it! When the little ones finally start interacting or playing together instead of next to each other it is ALL OF THE CUTES!

  4. I'm definitely going to make that kale salad! Looks delicious. I've never toasted chickpeas before...good idea. Have fun in Highlands! Your dress is great!

  5. That drink sounds so good! I may have to try it. My husband makes homemade salsa and I agree it's so refreshing and even more tasty when it's homemade. Have fun in Highlands!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  6. That dress is gorgeous!!! I went to a wedding in Highlands last summer and was 6 months pregnant!!! No worries though, there were plenty of cute ice cream shops in town ;)

  7. Yum! That kale salad looks delicious. I'm totally making it. We didn't do anything for Cinco de May so I'm still craving a margarita! Your mocktail sounds so good!

  8. Teach me how to cook pleaseeee! That salsa looks amazing!

  9. I always love seeing your party (and just in general!) food. YUM!

  10. Have fun at the wedding! That dress is so fun!

  11. Your recipes always look so delicious! Hope you have a great time at the wedding, such a pretty dress!

  12. Have fun at the wedding! Your watermelon mocktail and that kale salad sound delish :-D

  13. I've been in such debate about an outdoor rug. Will it get moldy eventually? I think we may need to try it!

    Your Cinco looks Yumo!