Scenes from our Weekend | Highlands Wedding

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating one of my oldest and best friend's wedding as well as Mother's day.  My Mom and I were able to sneak off for the weekend to Highlands, NC just the two of us.  I left Matt home with Brody all weekend.  We definitely missed them, but it was so special to have my Mom all to myself for the weekend.  I also loved knowing that Matt and Brody were having an awesome Father/Son bonding weekend.  Brody is so much fun these days and I knew Matt would have a blast. 

Mom and I had a bit of a rough start to our trip.  We were supposed to fly out to Atlanta at 9am Friday morning; but due to mechanical issues (an oil leak), our flight didn't depart until 3:30pm.  It was a frustrating day of back and forth to the airport, but we finally made it to Atlanta around 5:30.  We still had a 2.5 hour drive to go and at this point we had missed the Rehearsal dinner that night.  I was really bummed about that, but we were just happy to finally make it there. 

We stayed at the Old Edwards Inn which was where all of the wedding festivities were taking place.   It was a beautiful resort.  Since we missed the Rehearsal dinner and it was 8:30 and Mom and I were starving, we dropped our luggage in and quickly found a place for dinner. 

They had a lovely restaurant in the hotel called Madison's and we had a great dinner.  

Saturday we spent the morning shopping.  The hotel was surrounded by the cutest little stores everywhere.  They had clothes, kitchen, and kids stores everywhere.   The only thing I had to pick up, was this adorable little outfit for baby Madelyn.  

It was only appropriate that I spoiled Madelyn since I had received these pictures all morning long from Matt.  He and Brody had already had quite the morning.  Brody had bacon and waffles for breakfast, a trip to toys R us and a stop for doughnuts and chocolate milk all before his nap.  I'd say they were having a pretty good time with out me :)

The wedding was beautiful and it was so much fun catching up with old friends from high school (and way earlier in most cases).  

A group of high school buddies at the reception!

My Mama and cute date! (I'm so pissed about the terrible run in my new dress! I don't know what happened.)

The Old Edwards Inn Farm where the ceremony and reception was was absolutely beautiful.  The weather was perfect and it was just a gorgeous place for a wedding.  

Sunday morning was Mother's Day and the bride's family sent us off with a lovely brunch.  It was fun getting to see everyone one more time before we all headed home and the food was delicious!!

Mom and I got home just in time for dinner at 6pm and Matt had gone to the store and prepared an amazing Mother's Day dinner.  I was so happy to see my boys and get to celebrate the end of Mother's Day with them.  We all had dinner together and closed out a wonderful weekend!


  1. I keep forgetting you get to buy girl clothes now!! That dress is so precious!! I love that huge plate of waffles in front of Brody- looks like he and Matt had a great time. You look gorgeous! The yellow is stunning on you

  2. The yellow dress was a great choice!!!

  3. You look amazing in yellow! And girl...you can't even tell you are pregnant!!

  4. Yellow is your color but I'm so sad to see that snag too! Shit!! Can your tailor fix it? Hope so, because it truly looks fantastic on you.

    Also, I currently hate clothes. What do you wear during the week? And where do you find your clothes? My current clothes are just about too snug, but I haven't had any luck with maternity clothes....

  5. Such a beautiful resort, and loving that yellow dress. But boo to a run in such a fabulous dress :-P

  6. I would say Matt & Brody had a great weekend while you & your mom did too! Soo fun getting to buy girl clothes now too!!

  7. It's always nice to just get some time with your mom. I don't get that too much anymore. And I love that dress, did you get that?

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  8. What a beautiful wedding! You looked great too!!

  9. I love Highlands and Old Edwards Inn looks divine!

  10. Such a beautiful wedding! I love Old Edwards Inn too! Xo, Stephanie