Scenes from Our Weekend | New Orleans

Finally here to recap our weekend in New Orleans.  This was a special trip to Nola for us because it's the last time we will visit my Mom's house in New Orleans.  She's owned this house for 10 years now and she just sold it last month.  She closes in May and it will certainly be bittersweet.  We will be sad to see it go, but happy because it means more time for my Mom in Pensacola to spend with us and the grandkids!!!  

Brody and I drove over on Thursday afternoon and got ready to have friends over for dinner that evening.  One of my best friends (the one in the middle) lives in New Orleans, so I always love an opportunity to get to visit with her.  Her MIL happens to be my Mom's best friend too, so we had them all over for dinner for the evening.  

Friday was spent letting Brody play outside as much as possible.  The weather was absolutely amazing all weekend long.  It was the perfect Spring temperatures.  We walked around the park, let him play at the play ground and them took him to eat outside for lunch.

We ended up at this cute neighborhood place called, DatDog.  I'd never been, but they are known for their gourmet hotdogs and sausage dogs!

Mom and I indulged in this crawfish sausage dog that had all kinds of crazy stuff on it.  Sour Cream, Crawfish etoufee, creole mustard and I forget what else.  It was pretty darn delicious though.

Brody had his second ever hotdog and was in heaven.  This is a huge accomplishment for a child that doesn't eat any meat, but now can take down hot dogs and bacon ("ba ba") like a champion. 

Friday evening Matt arrived and we met up with our friends for drinks and dinner in the French Quarter.  This preggo mama was out until midnight which was a pretty good accomplishment.  Sadly, I didn't get one photo of the four of us :(

I hit 20 weeks while we were in Nola which felt pretty good.  Matt and I woke up Saturday to take Brody to the Aquarium for the first time.  

He loved pointing and seeing all the "fishies."  He ran around like a wild man and probably didn't spend longer than 30 seconds at any one exhibit, but still had a ball. 

The stingrays were scary!!!

They had lots of cute things for the kids to climb on like boats and shark mouths, etc. 

Saturday while he was napping we watched the Kentucky Derby at my Mom's house and then Matt and I got ready for a little dinner just the two of us.  We went up to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Clancy's, and sat up at the bar to dine.  We love sitting at the bar here and ordering lots of apps to share.  I had a festive mock cosmo and Matt had lots of yummy Mojitos.  #wasntjealousatall

Sunday we took Brody for a walk and headed to the Street Car.  Everyday when we would walk him, he would point and scream at the street car every time it went by.  It was so cute to let him have a ride.  He just sat there and let the wind blow in his face and point and say "street car" overtime one would pass by. 

We were sad to say goodbye, but so happy that we got to fit in one last weekend at the house.  Brody loves his time in New Orleans, but mostly his time with his Lee Lee.  We still have family in New Orleans and will be back for plenty more visits.  New Orleans will always be a magical place for us as it is where I was born, where lots of my family lives, and where Matt and I got married!!!


  1. I'm a Louisiana girl, too! Glad you got to enjoy NOLA one more time before your mom closes. What a fun weekend!

  2. Oh how fun! I have never been to NOLA but would love to go someday! That food looks SO good! Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  3. More visits with grandma are the best for your kids!! I seriously need to make it to NOLA sometime soon! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. 20 weeks already!? you look great! and im glad you had fun in NOLA! i love that city :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. You look fabulous, love that dress on you! I'm sure it's hard to say goodbye to the NOLA house, but yay for her moving closer to you guys :)

  6. you look amazing!!! Im so glad you got one last trip to New Orleans at your mom's house. We just missed you at the aquarium.... that is Harrison's happy place :)

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun! We have yet to visit NOLA but it's nice to know you enjoyed yourself and with a little one:) Winks and Eyerolls

  8. Looks like y'all had a great time! I have never been to NOLA and it is on the top of my list!