High Five for Friday | Blue Angels

If you live in the Florida panhandle or more specifically Gulf Breeze, Pensacola or Pensacola Beach...you live and look forward to Blue Angel weekend every summer.  I mean, as long as you like to have a great time and don't mind large crowds, the beach, boats, the water, and a large amount of beverage consumption (to stay hydrated of course), then this is your weekend!!

Obviously, with a child, we've had to tone it down a bit; but we still look forward to this weekend.  The last several years, I kick off the weekend with a luncheon at Crab's on the beach with the wives of the Blue Angel pilots.  Amy, whom my Dad dated for many years before he passed, owns this restaurant along with several others in the area with her family.  She puts on an absolutely amazing luncheon at her restaurant and then everyone is there to watch the Thursday practice show!

Have you ever seen the Blue Angels before??  Have you ever heard of the Blue Angels??  Look familiar?

 The Blue Angels is the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron.  They are legit and do some crazy stunts.  It's so much fun to watch their tricks!

 I wore one of my favorite old Calypso dresses for the occasion, Clare Vivier clutch and my Tory Burch Wedges (old, similar here).

The menu was perfect and I had the crab cakes and also tried the Trigger fish that melted in my mouth too!! 

I had a blast with all the ladies and it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend.  

There is another practice round today which were headed to by boat and hope the weather is good for us!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Hey, Annie! I live in Baldwin County! Pre-Parker, we use to go by boat to watch the Blue Angels. We want to take him to watch them soon. We'll be in Gulf Shores to watch the Blue Marlin Grand Championship weigh in so hopefully we can catch them the next time. Have a great weekend.

  2. The Blue Angels come here too. I've never seen them but in the distance. Cute dress! I love how everyone wore such bright colors!

  3. It looks like you had an awesome time! I have never seen the Blue Angels, but one of my really good friends did a few weeks ago! She loved it!

    I'm stopping by from the link up! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh - a weekend on the beach sounds perfect! And your dress is so cute!

  5. We watched the practice yesterday too and were so excited that crazy storm held out just long enough to make it back to our car! Have a fabulous weekend and cheers!!

  6. I used to watch the Blue Angels every year in South Florida. Always a fun, HOT day!
    I also love the dress you wore!

  7. Super fun! You have the best summer-y and colorful wardrobe, I'm sitting here in black pants and a sweater in the middle of July - how silly am I????

  8. The Blue Angels come to San Francisco in October for Fleet Week. We always go up to the roof on my building at work to watch them do the practice runs. So fun!!

  9. Miss this so much every summer! Will be home next week - so sad to barely miss it!

  10. This sounds similar to Chicago's Air & Water Festival in August -- it's always one of my favorite weekends of the year! Hope you're having a great time!

  11. I DO know of the blue angels and love them too!