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I haven't done one of these "a day in our life" post since Brody was 8 weeks old and I've been meaning to do one for awhile.   I think they are always fun to read and I like to look back on them later and see how schedules have changed with a baby.  I wish I had done a few more really...  But here's one now that Brody is considered a toddler.

6:30 am | Brody wakes up and Matt grabs him from the crib, changes diaper, and grabs bottle that I made the night before and conveniently put in our upstairs mini-fridge :)  We usually hang out for some snuggles for a bit with Mickey Mouse and then Brody runs around the room like a wild man while Matt and I shower and get dressed.

7:30 am | We head downstairs for coffee and breakfast and Matt heads to work.  I've been into my overnight oats lately for breakfast because they are easy and quick to grab.  I mash some banana and add blueberries and peanut butter and get Brody's breakfast ready.  He loves yogurt and fruit for breakfast and I distract him in the highchair with cheerios while I'm getting our breakfast together.

8-9 am | Brody plays in the family room while I am usually on the computer reading emails and blogs while sipping my second cup of coffee.  I've really enjoyed our leisurely mornings at the house.  I used to try and run out the door to spin or we'd go for a walk; but it got so hot to walk outside, we've just been chillen' and spin class was messing up his nap schedule.  Good excuses, right???  So instead, I taught him how to work the nepresso machine to make Mommy coffee in the morning and a little toast :)

9 am | Brody goes down for his morning nap.  We just pushed his morning nap up from 930am to 9 and it seems to be working well.  While he's napping, I'm cleaning the kitchen from breakfast and working on a few loads of laundry.  This is when I might work on my blog post for the next day (like right now) or do a few planks and ab exercises for the morning.

10:30 am | During the summer, we've had music class 2 times a week.  I have to wake him up early from his nap to get to class which I hate; but he loves class so much, I do it anyway.   I grab him from the crib and a few ounces of milk to drink in the car on the way to class.

11:30 am | We head home from music class for lunch.  When we don't have music class, he usually sleeps until around 11 or 11:30 and we get ready for lunch also.  Lunch is usually a salad, leftovers or an easy turkey or chicken salad sandwich for me and Brody usually has a half of avocado, sweet potato, and fruit.

From this point on...the rest of the day changes around a good bit.

On Monday and Wednesday's my MIL watches Brody in the afternoons around 1pm so I can hit up the grocery store, workout, run errands, etc.  On the other days, it's just me and my buddy and we try to schedule playdates, lunch dates, walks or target runs to get out of the house a bit.

Here's a good sample:

12 pm | I plan a lunch date and walk with my SIL and nephew.  They come over and we walk to lunch and stroll around downtown with the babies.

2:30pm |  We get home and they head back home and I attempt to get Brody down for a little afternoon nap.  He hasn't been doing afternoon naps well for awhile now, but I make him have some quiet time in the crib.

3 pm | Get a snack for Brody which has been watermelon lately, but sometimes puffs or rice cakes.  We may be out and about at this time running errands.  The afternoons are the hardest to keep him occupied, so any change of scenario or an afternoon walk are a plus!

5 pm | Feed Brody dinner and patiently watch the clock until Daddy gets home.  Mickey usually gets turned on so I can attempt to prep dinner without a tiny rugrat hanging on my legs or aggravating the piss out of me by opening the spice drawer 1,000 times because we can't put a child proof lock on it or helping me unload this dishwasher!

6 pm | Matt gets home sometime around 545pm or 6 and I'm usually pulling out all my tricks to try and keep Brody occupied until Dad gets home.  Brody gets so tired around 5, but I've really been trying to keep him awake until Matt gets home to play with him and then take him up to bath time.

Dad showing him how to build things...

6:30 pm | Matt brings him up to bathe and then I join with a bottle and we tag team him out of the tub to get the little wiggle worm dressed.  He's a pistol when he gets out of the tub and putting on his jammies.  I usually give him his last bottle with a story and then he's down.

Bathtime Bubble Machine...

7 pm | I'm getting dinner ready and hopefully already gotten a little bit prepped while Matt was playing with Brody when he got home and bathing him.  We usually eat around 7:30 or so.  This is when happy hour usually begins (or probably more like 6 as soon as Matt gets home) and we watch some TV or sit out on the back porch lately.  I also will catch up on some blogging some and usually I like to go up to the bedroom around 9 or so and take a bath and relax before bed!

PS. My dinners definitely don't look this good most nights!!

It's crazy how tired I am by the end of the day and although it's gotten easier since Brody was less than 6 months old, I'm still pooped and ready for bed early.

I truly love being home with my little guy and although I always thought I would, I never knew how rewarding it really could be.  They are learning and growing so much at this age that he amazes me on a daily basis!! I am a lucky Mama :)

What do your days look like?? Do you feel like most of your days look very similar??  Do you thrive on routine??

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  1. Routine is huge for us as well. G clearly has more of my type A personality. I'm a teacher so our summers a little different than the remainder of the year. I'm loving and soaking up every minute.

  2. We have have the same routine everyday too (or at least, we try to!). But my kids tend to sleep in til 8am, thank goodness! :) Even though what we do everyday is routine, it is so rewarding to stay at home with them like you said. Everyday is filled with little perfect (and sometimes not-so-perfect) moments that make me truly grateful to be their mama. :) -Jess

  3. This looks very similar to our day! I've been sticking to a bit of a stricter routine for us lately so that Miller will take an afternoon nap and it's really been awesome- it's helped the evening crankiness so much!! You're also lucky your husband is home by 6, mine isn't home until around 7-7:30!

  4. Love these posts! And my life was very similar when my kids were younger. The only thing that remains, is routine - it works for the kids and me, I can't live without a routine! Loved reading your post and all of your pictures! xo

  5. I love these posts (I'm so nosy!) It's amazing how crazy a day can be wrangling a little one! I love that you can walk to restaurants where you live! Thank goodness for schedules and routines... and wine!

  6. These are always my favorite posts! Love seeing how everyone spends their days. I don't have any kids yet but still definitely thrive on routine, haha. After this past long weekend, I was ready to get back into mine!

  7. I love reading routine and day in the life posts! Your little guy is just precious :) Love those plates!

  8. I love these posts! I just love to hear how a typical day as a SAHM goes. I find it so interesting. That's so great your husband is helpful when he comes home from work. I hear so many friends say as soon as their husband comes home it's the recliner and a beer. So Mom is still stuck doing it all. Not good!!

  9. I love the routine post! I also love that you are wearing rollerblades in one of the pictures?!? DAREDEVIL! I am so impressed. Thanks for hosting! xo

  10. I love these "A Day in My Life" posts! I love seeing how other people live their daily lives! Yours seems action packed! It's got to be exhausting chasing a little 1 year old around, but so rewarding!! I can't wait to spend the days with my little one :) And that dinner looks delish! Thanks for the link up!

  11. the picture in the bubblebath is so adorable!

  12. Not kidding - when you wrote that you "brought a bottle" up for bathtime - I literally thought you meant a wine bottle. Ha! How my life will change with a cute little baby!

  13. What a fun (and busy) day! You are so good at planning things. My guys loved music class when they were little too - I can't wait to go through it all again!

  14. BRODY IS A DOLL BABY!! So stinking handsome with all that hair!! :) I love day in the life posts. I love how hands on you are! Brody seems like a great on-the-go baby. And man you are lucky that he wakes up at 6:30 and goes back down around the same time. Presley is a 6AM!!!!!!!! baby and then goes down between 7 and 8. So our days are loooooong! :)

  15. We definitely like our routine Monday - Friday. And my daughter is almost 3! It just makes things so much easier. My husband and I both work outside the house so on weekends we're a bit more relaxed. We may skip nap if we're having fun or stay up a little late. But that's come more as she's gotten older. I'm interested to see what our routine looks like when we add in # 2 - eek!

    Brody is too cute! And I have to admit to sometimes missing that super early bedtime the little ones have. Those extra hours of quiet can be oh so helpful after a long day! ;)

  16. I get so wrapped up in these posts that I'm either smiling too big or wiping a tear by the end! I cannot wait for mommy-hood/duty and this seems like a perfect day! (love your dishes by the way!) xoxo

  17. The #1 thing that stresses me out about life with baby is preparing dinner. I hate it so much now I can't imagine having to do it with a baby! Ugh!

  18. Linking up for the first time. I have yet to finish my day in the life post it's sitting in my drafts. Would have been perfect for today!! I love routine, makes our days predictable!! The days our routine is off are funky and I don't like it.

  19. I love reading these! I love our slow mornings here, we take as much time as we want over playing and eating bfast and then get things done after a nap. So so nice. And, that is some tower! There is a bath bubble machine? oh man where'd ya get it? I think Aria would die from happiness.

  20. Thanks for sharing your day with us! You're so lucky to have family nearby to help out and go on fun outings! Those pre-dinner hour(s) are so hard and definitely the time that we would much prefer that they be on good behavior because we've grown tired as well! I love that bath time bubble machine - who makes it?