Baby Brody : Month Twelve

24lbs (90th%) and 31in (90th%) at your 12 month check-up

Wearing size 4 diapers.  Size 4 shoes.  Clothes are mostly 18 months.

You are back to skipping an afternoon nap most days with just a morning nap from about 930am to 1130am.  You are going to sleep around 630 still and up at 630am.  

You are taking 2 (8oz) bottles a day for your first and last feeding each day and then 3 meals plus a snack or two throughout the day with a little milk.  We are working on the sippy cups but I need to be more consistent with them.  Your eating has been a little fickle this month where you like one food one day and not the next...

630-7am Wake Up and drink bottle
8am Breakfast
9-930 Nap (1.5 to 2 hrs)
12pm Lunch
3pm Bottle/snack
5pm Dinner
630-7pm Bath/Bedtime with bottle

Thankfully you have been healthy all month long and it's been wonderful! 

Loving bath time
Playing with Daddy and seeing him walk through the door after work
Books & Music Class
Stroller rides
Your blankie 
Food: avocados, yogurt, grits, cheerios, macaroni, rice & beans, banana, watermelon, sweet potatoes, green beans and you do best with your veggies when they are made into a puree
Your monkey Paci

You still don't like putting clothes on or having your diaper changed
You don't really like any meats so far- I think it's the texture

You were FINALLY baptized!
Your first haircut
Celebrated your first Father's Day
Started babbling up a storm - the week of your first birthday you have really tried talking a lot.
You say HOT DOG all the time...It's hilarious. 
You definitely understand the word NO and sometimes smile (you know you aren't supposed to be doing it) and make me laugh when I say it and sometimes you cry and pitch a fit.
You also will shake your head No when we have told you No. 
You are playing so well by yourself these days.  It's so fun to watch your little mind work and see you explore!

Places You've Gone:
Miami for your cousin Bear's Baptism

Lots of family for your first birthday party! 

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  1. Such a cutie!! I still can't believe they're 1. Miller hates getting his clothes and diaper changed- it's awful. Since we've dropped the formula Miller has been so much better with food- I think since he's so hungry now he's willing to try more.