Eleven and Twelve Month Favorites

Eleven and Twelve Month Favorites

Melissa and Doug Bead Maze - Love these wooden M&D toys and Brody loves to play with all the patterns. 
Life Factory Sippy Cup Lids - These have been so great to screw onto our Dr. Browns bottles and make for a great transition into zippy cups.
Hape Wooden Gourmet Kitchen - We gave this to him as an early birthday gift from my Mom and you wouldn't believe how much this thing keeps him entertained.  He loves to play with the doors and it will be so fun to watch him grow into this toy.  Plus, it's pretty and I don't mind it in my family room :)
Spiralin Water Park Table - Perfect for outdoor play and even though he can't use it to it's full capability yet, he still loves playing in it. 
Little Tikes Swing- These swings are a must for babies that love outdoors.  I wish we had hung ours months ago...
Rubber Bouncy Ball- He's loving balls right now and these soft bouncy balls are perfect.  We got ours in a Citrus Lane package and it's been fun to throw and roll with him. 

Honestly, our house is full of toys right now especially after his birthday party.  These are just a few good ones that he really seemed to take a liking to.  The truth is that if I'm in the kitchen, he would rather be climbing in the dishwater or pulling at our spice drawer or sneaking into the pantry than playing with all his toys.  He likes to play with his toys as long as someone else is playing with him.  However, I have already noticed a big difference in how well he is playing alone now since his first birthday party.  

What toys or things are helping with your one year old??

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  1. We love, love our kitchen!! And waverly still loves her walker!!

  2. I just got a kitchen for Miller from our neighborhood yard sale and he loves it! He got a water table for his birthday but we haven't set it up yet- hoping to get to it this week. I think I told you this already but we got a lawnmower for Miller which he loves. My sister in law has the Vtech parking garage and race track which has little cars that light up and make noise, they're slighly annoying but Miller loved them so I think I'm going to pick it up for him this week.

  3. I had always wished we had a spot for a play kitchen - it was always my boys favorite at others houses or preschool! Our water table was a huge hit as well. We got it when my oldest was 1 and I just had to throw it out last year (5years later) because it leaked so much it wasn't fun! That thing was LOVED!

  4. We just got a nice little kitchen from a garage sale, and the kids love it! (They're 3 and 18 mo.) Ikea has a play pot and pan set that we got for them to go with it, and it's so cute and inexpensive. We just got that same swing - I wish we would've gotten it sooner they love it so much! Two of my favorite toys for the kids are B. Toys zoo activity cube and their blocks (we have the ABCs and numbers). They are perfect for play and for learning too. We also really like Melissa and Doug puzzles. It's so amazing to see how young they are when they can start putting small puzzles together! Also, books - lots and lots of books. My daughter is especially a big reader and has loved it since she was very small. Thanks for sharing your favorites! The water table is a great idea....maybe I can make a make shift one??? :) -Jess