Scenes from our Weekend + My Favorite Things | June + A Big Announcement

Happy June Everyone!  Can't believe it's already Brody's birth month (tear)!  I was sweating my butt off nine months pregnant and glowing  miserable at this time last year! 

I have been on the road a lot during the month of May and I was really looking forward to this weekend to chill at home.  Sadly, hubby was out of town on an annual work trip with the guys; so it was just me and the Brodster to hold down the fort.  You know what??  We had a blast.  I can't get over how much fun this kid is becoming and how much he entertains me.  I know it will only keep getting more and more fun, but it was so nice to have my little buddy to keep me company all weekend.  I seriously could just eat him up...and sometimes I do (the chubby thighs)!  We played around the house most of the weekend because the weather has been pretty gross.  Lucky for me, I had loaded up at the grocery store last week and I became a cooking fiend this weekend!  

I attended my friends funeral on Friday which was incredibly sad, but wonderful to see all the outpouring of support from our small community.  I also truly appreciate all of you that kept their family in your prayers as well.  They had a gathering at their house after the memorial service and I got to see tons of old faces from high school which was so nice.

Saturday I did some fun cooking!  My sister-in-law and her sister came over for dinner and I cooked crab cakes over salad with corn, cherry tomatoes and some roasted butternut squash I already had in the fridge.  It was delicious.  I promise to share the recipe, but I'll be honest.  The trick to my crab cakes are getting fresh jumbo lump crabmeat which I know is hard to find in a lot of areas.  I also had bought the seasons first batch of fresh peaches around here and made a homemade peach cobbler which is out of this world and so easy!! We paired it with some butter pecan gelato and LOVED...

Then I have to leave you with this precious video of Brody interacting with his 8 week old cousin, William.  We were eating dinner and William started to cry, so Brody walked over to him to try and help him out...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and happy to welcome the month of June!!!

I'm sharing my favorite things for June with Emily and Ally and all of you!! I hope you enjoy them as much as me :)  Plus see below on another exciting new link-up and new venture for Home of Malones!!
My Favorite Things | June

24: Live Another Day - I don't know if any of you were Jack Bauer fans in the past, but I was a 24 ADDICT!  It's been so exciting to see Jack back in action and to enjoy another season!
Slice App - This is an AMAZING app especially for us "internet shopaholics."  This app keeps track of all of your internet purchases and uses the tracking information of your shipments to let you know exactly when it will be delivered.  It also provides you with a pie chart of your expenses (yikes).  I tend to stay away from that :)
Nico & Lala Custom Invitations and Event Branding - These girls are incredible.  I worked with them for my bachelorette party and wedding and now working with them for Brody's first birthday and they are incredibly talented and design the best SWAG!  I can't wait to share more from his bday soon.
Cere Ve Moistorizer - A friend of mine who is a dermatologist gave me this lotion a couple weeks ago and it is life.changing.  You can find it from the drug store but somehow I've never seen or heard of it.  It is very thick and meant for rough,tough skin like your feet or elbows, but I have started using it on my legs and it feels so good and moisturized.  You won't be disappointed.
Yosi Samara Flip Flop - I picked up these flip flops when I was in New Orleans a few weeks ago and they are the most comfortable flops you have ever walked in.  Seriously, they have a cushioned sole.  They come in so many cute colors, but I chose the tan to go with everything.  Next, I want to try out some of their ballet flats and I've also spotted some other really cute ankle sandals I want.  They came so close to going in my Nordstrom's basket, but I resisted because I know I don't need them.  Or at least right this second.  Maybe next week...


I'm super excited to host a new link-up on Thursday's with Natalie of East Coast Chic called Thoughts for Thursday.  The first link-up will be this Thursday (6/5) and we hope that all of you will join us!  The best part of the link-up is that it can truly be about ANYTHING.   Everything you write about our your "thoughts", so share them, link-up and meet some new bloggers!  If you would like to see some posts that Natalie and I have written that inspired the link-up, you can read Natalie's Naptime Confessions (here, here, here) and also some of my recent Thoughts for Thursday posts.  This doesn't have to be the set up of your posts though.  We want to read about everything.  Share your favorite thoughts on fitness, beauty, food, fashion, decor or coffee.  We don't care as long as we get to learn a little bit more about you.

Now grab the button here by copying the code below and pasting it into the HTML portion of your new Thoughts for Thursday post.  

We can't wait to read your thoughts and get to know you a little better or meet some new bloggers we haven't met yet!! We hope you get to know us a little better too!! 

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  1. YAY!! Can't wait for the link-up! Happy Monday, friend. xo

  2. The slice app sounds so cool!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!! I have to try that quiche that you made- it had my mouth watering on instagram!!! Happy monday and thanks so much for linking up!!

  3. Can't wait for the link up!!! Looks like a great weekend- the boys are at such a fun age right now!! How have I never heard of the slice app?! I need to get it!

  4. Ok how have I never heard of Slice? Seriously....this sounds amazing. I've also seen that CeraVe cream, but I've never checked it out. I definitely need it for my raptor, runners feet. Haha

    Thanks SO much for linking up!


  5. Thanks for including us in your favorite things!! We're so excited for Brody to turn one, and to create some awesome swag :) Also, we're addicted to 24!!! And CeraVe got our skin through the llooonngg Chicago winter.

    Xo, N&L

  6. Those crab cakes look amazing! Yum! So glad you had a great weekend with your little guy - he's too cute!

  7. Those crab cakses! OMG! Also, I love CeraVe so much. Thanks for linking up! xo

  8. I need to get that Slice app! So sad about your friend. Just shows you never really know what someone is secretly going through. Natalie's quiche looked amazing! I'm just like you, I could eat quiche or any meal all the time! Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. Brody is so adorable!! I can't wait to hear your recipes (and find some fresh peaches)! I visited Nico and Lala after your last post and they are amazing! Cannot wait to hear more about his party!

  10. Thanks SO much for linking up for MMG!

    Sorry about the loss of your friend. That's gotta be rough. But on the other side of the coin, I'm sure Brody helped cheer you up. How adorable is he?!

    Fun linkup. I'll try to remember to join ya Thursday :)

    1. Oh and 24...how mad do you get when watching 24?! Jack saves the world time and time again and is treated so badly. It infuriates me!! LOL