Baby Brody : Month 11

11 Months on May 27th

22+ pounds and 30 inches (total guess)

Teething Beads

We are back to two naps a day (85%) of the time. You take a great morning nap usually from 930am to 1130am and then an afternoon nap usually from 230 to 330pm. You spent the first part of the month teething and your night time sleep suffered a bit with a random wake up during the night. Once that tooth finally came in, we are back to more a 630pm to 630am sleep schedule.

We FINALLY made huge progress in the feeding department this month. It was like you woke up one day and knew how to chew your food with NO GAGGING. Mommy was a happy lady! It wasn't that you were a bad eater before, but you just struggled with texture in your mouth and loved to scare me to death with your choking gagging noises. I am so thankful we are past that point. 

You are getting 3 to 4 bottles a day with 6 oz of formula during the day and 8 oz at night. You eat 3 meals a day (breakfast,lunch and dinner) with a snack in the afternoon. You love yogurt, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, mini quesadillas with cheese and tortilla, eggs (sometimes), and you had your first taste of rotisserie chicken and I didn't think you liked it at first, but then you did! 

630-7am Wake Up and drink bottle
8am Breakfast
9-930 Nap (1 to 1.5 hr)
12pm Lunch
1:30-2pm Nap (1 hr)
3pm Bottle/snack
5pm Dinner
630-7pm Bath/Bedtime with bottle

- The beginning of the month you spent recovering from last months sickness/teething and thankfully we have been free and clear since then!! It is so much fun to have my little smiling, laughing boy back in full force!

-music class - you love interacting with the other kids
-books - you are really loving books lately
-bath time
-exploring all over the house and getting into everything you're not supposed to
-Mickey Mouse Club house

Diaper Changes - these are SOO brutal
Putting Clothes on
When Mom leaves the room
You are starting to not want to go to other people sometimes when we are out and about.

We have 8 teeth!
You can now go from sitting to standing up and walking without pulling up on anything.
Mom and Dad left you with your grandmas for 5 nights and we both did great! 
You went on your first boat ride
You now can show me when you are ready to go to bed sometimes by grabbing your blanket and lying on the floor with your monkey paci.  It's so sweet.

Places You've Gone:
We went to New Orleans to visit your LeeLee
Destin for Memorial Weekend to spread your Papa's ashes
Montgomery for your Cousin Kayla's High School Graduation

I can't believe you are one month away from being a toddler!! I think they consider one year olds toddlers.  Where did my baby go??  You honestly get more fun every day so I can't complain.  You think your Mama is so funny and that melts my heart on a daily basis.  I am so lucky to be home with you every day and kiss and hug you whenever I want.  I love you so much Brody Charles!!

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  1. 11 months and running already? This kid is destined to be an athlete. So cute!

  2. I can't believe he's running already!! I'm still trying to get Miller to walk. He starts to take a step and then sits down and crawls lol. He is so cute, I love his hair!! Do you buy him 18 month from Shrimp and Grits? I saw a jon jon I want to get Miller but I'm not sure which size