Monthly Favorites | Eight Nine and Ten Months

I've tried to keep up with some of our favorite toys and accessories that we've used with Brody that have been life savers around these parts.  I got a bit behind, but finally I have our favorites during Brody's Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Month.  You can find his other favorites here.  All of these items make great gifts for Mother's to be or for nieces, nephews and Godchildren too! 

It's been a ton of fun these last several months as he started crawling right at eight months which meant he could move to the toy he wanted to play with.  Many times it wasn't a toy that he wanted to play with, but rather a book off the coffee table or my computer cord on the floor.  But when he did play with toys, these were some of his favorites.  
Eight, Nine and Ten Month Favorites

iPad Holder for Car or Plane - This gadget has been a lifesaver for car rides over an hour.  It easily straps over the headrest in your car and you slide your iPad right in.  I haven't used it on a plane yet, but I know it will definitely help pass time...
Radio Flyer Walker - I swear by this radio flyer walker.  I honestly think it's what started our child walking at nine months old.  It makes this little clicking sound when it rolls and Brody loved it.  It's way more sturdy than most walkers you see out there plus it's super cute.  Best Christmas gift ever.
VTech Roll and Learn Activity Suitcase - This little gadget has lots of buttons and noises and toys to take off and put back on and it seems to hold his attention more than most.  It rolls like a suitcase and opens like a suitcase too.
Rocktivity Tunes Piano - My Mom got him this little gadget and it cracks me up because of the little pull down lever like a slot machine.  It's his favorite part of the toy.  This piano is a great size and even has the option for the sound to be in English or Spanish.  Brody might me speaking Spanish to me and I don't even know it....
Mickey Mouse Club House - Addicted.  Mesmerized. Yikes.  Enough said.
Freshly Picked Moccasins - I know I've talked about these before around here and you've definitely seen lots of pictures of Brody in them, but it's because they are the only pair of shoes that stay on his feet.  They are amazing.  They are soft and perfect when he was learning to walk.  They are easy to put on and take off.  I we love them.
Brown Bear Board Book- He's really getting into books now and this is definitely his favorite.  The animals and the colors get his attention every time.
Gerber lil Crunchies - I understand these crunchies probably have no nutritional value at all but my child loves them!  They are honestly the food I give credit to teaching him how to chew his food.  They have lots of flavors and the perfect easy snack that keeps him silent when needed!! Amen.

We also changed Brody over to a convertible carseat at 9 months old facing backwards.  I made a bit of an impulse buy at Babies R Us one day when this was on sale and I had a little buyers remorse.  Usually, I would do tons of research online and find out the best one; but I didn't.  I've honestly been really happy with it and Brody seems to be super comfortable.   Installing it didn't seem to be a real easy process though and we actually have a towel wedged in between the front of carseat and the seat.  It's hard to explain, but the directions actually tell you to use a rolled up towel or a styrofoam noodle.   That seemed a bit sketch, but I don't have anything to compare it to.  

I love the material of the seat and the cup holder and the comfort and cushiness of the chair.  Brody doesn't complain and it's safe, so Mama doesn't complain.  

What toys are your kids loving these days?  Brody's first birthday is coming up soon and I could use some new ideas...although I have already purchased a few of those gifts too!!!

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  1. I can't wait to buy my little one a pair of those moccasins!

  2. I don't think we have had any of those toys for our little ones (minus brown bear brown bear - still a favorite with my 4 year old)! Did you see Freshly Picked is having a sale today? We've had a noodle used to install our car seats by the safety techs many times! It does look funny, but it works.

  3. These are so cute - taking notes and pinning this for future use :)

  4. Great picks!! I need to get one of those iPad holders for car rides, especially with baby #2 on the way. Thanks mama!! XO

  5. GIRL, we bought THREE convertible car seats (one for my car, one for my husband's and one for my mom) so talk about a major expense!!!!!! Made me actually miss the infant seats with the luxury of buying bases!! And the ipad has also saved us on long trips (i.e. the beach). This is a good list!

  6. We have that same convertible! I actually picked it because I heard it was great for hotter climates, and Aria would ALWAYS get rosy cheeks from the summer heat in her cozy infant seat. She is so much cooler in it, so I love it. My husband installed it and we don't have any noodles anywhere...such odd instructions!

  7. Just found your blog and love it! Following along :) We have the same iPad holder for the car and honestly, it has been the biggest saving grace for us. I wouldn't be able to leave the house without it!



  8. We have the same convertible car seat!! Could our boys be more alike?! Miller hated the infant seat but he loves the maxi cosi and falls asleep in it all the time. Have you tried to clean it yet? Miller got yogurt all over his this week and I really need to try to spot clean the cover but I'm not sure of the best method- I'll probably google it :)

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