Madelyn's Watermelon & Flamingo First Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating Madelyn's 1st birthday party this weekend.  I wanted to go with a pink theme and chose watermelons and flamingos and it turned out so cute.  It was fun having one more summer party before kissing it goodbye and welcoming Fall.  

If you hadn't noticed, flamingos seemed to be everywhere this summer.  So finding decoration was really fun.  We set up activities for the kids outside including a bounce house and a few kiddy pools and we just socialized and enjoyed the day.   We had a little bit of rain during the day; but we had told the kids to wear their swimsuits, so it didn't put a damper on the party at all! 

A friend of mine from high school actually took some professional pictures for me; but while I'm waiting on those to come back, I thought I would share what I have. 

These cookies are amazing.  They are from a company out of Memphis, TN. 

I set up a Mimosa bar & served some white wine, rose, and beer. 

I also made some Summertime Brew which is made of frozen (pink) lemonade, vodka and beer which is always a hit when it's hot outside.  I always love having a good spa water and to keep with the theme, I added cucumber, mint and watermelon to our water. 

How cute is this????


I think I was most proud of my balloon garland of all the decorations.  I had seen a picture on pinterest of one and I knew I had to replicate it.  It turned out so easy!! I just blew up the balloons by mouth, took a yarn needle with fishing line and threaded all the balloons on the fishing line until I had as many as I wanted.  It took me maybe 45minutes while the kids were napping.  The hardest part was hiding the balloons so the kids couldn't get to them before I was ready to hang it!!! 

In the pink cups are goldfish and cheerios for the kids and I had some flamingo and watermelon suckers and rock candy for kids to enjoy too! 

Madelyn had a ball and totally crushed her smash cake.  It was hilarious to watch her.  After several mouth fulls of double fisting, she then just stuck her hands in the cake and started kneading it.  The girl loves to get messy.  It was such a memorable day and I can't wait to see all the pictures from the photographer! 

Party Invitations & Party Swag- Nico & Lala
Pink & Green Party Decorations - Shop Sweet Lulu
Flamingo & Watermelon Cake - Cakes & More by Alicia
Cake Pops - Family Friend
Flowers - Purchased from Fresh Market, arranged by The Rogue Posy
Chalkboard Art - My talented friend Kristen Miller 
Tea Sandwiches - Apple Market 

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  1. Wow!!! So cute! You went all out girl!

  2. I swear you have THE best parties!! All of the decorations look fabulous and Madelyn's little swimsuit is so precious :)

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  3. What a beautiful party!! Love the theme and decorations! Madelyn is one loved little girl :)

  4. What a precious 1st birthday party! I think my favorite part is the storybook turned guestbook - that'll be such a great keepsake for her to have for years to come. Love it!

  5. Her cake was to die for! And that chalkboard is HUUUUGE!! Everything was great! I hope she enjoyed her day!

  6. The party looks adorable! I love the theme, the menu, everything!!

  7. What a darling party!! Love all the details... the food signs, her birthday sign, the tassel garlands, giant flamingo and the birthday book! I love doing that for my kids. I also trace their hand print inside the cover so we can look back and say that's how big their hand was at age 1.

  8. what a cute birthday party! i love all of the decorations and that chalkboard! happy birthday madelyn! xo jillian

  9. This is just the cutest!!! I love those little watermelon shoes! We have that swimsuit too, it was a favorite this summer. Happy belated birthday to Madelyn and good job on the party Mama!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  10. What a fun and beautiful party! Such a cute theme! R has that same swim suit! It's so dang adorable!

  11. Oh my gosh, this is all so precious!!! We didn't have a big party for Spencer's first birthday, but we're having one for his second before my husband deploys - love all the decorations and the thoughtful touches :)

  12. Aw I love this and watermelon (my favorite candy flavor)! We're going to have to get used to planning a winter birthday party after our little girl is born. Jesse and I were both born in July, my sister is a summer baby, and a lot of my family was born in the spring or summer. So it'll be an adjustment but I think it'll be a fun new adventure.