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Welcome to Thoughts for Thursday! I have a random brain dump for you today.  Join along with Natalie and I each week.  You can share on your mind.  Here goes...

+ I guess it's that feeling of summer coming to an end and kids going back to school, but this week I have had a severe urge to "spring clean."  All I want to do is organize closets, rooms, throw all the excess junk away and have pretty, clean spaces!  Is anybody with me??

+ I made somewhat of an impulse buy this weekend on a new rug.   I've been disgusted with the rug in our playroom for a while now since the kids have destroyed it.  I've had it professionally cleaned twice now and it just doesn't last.  So I decided to go with a busy, bright rug that won't show a darn thing.  I'm anxious to see if I like it in the room.  Along with my "spring cleaning" urges, I'm starting to get the urge for some new things around the house too :)

+ Who watched the Bachelorette finale?  I was so sad to see Robby lose.  I think I've mentioned to you guys before, but Robby is the brother to a friend of mine here in Pensacola.  It was so fun to hear that he was going to be on the show and then to see him kill it all the way to the end.  It meant that my friend even made it on National Television for the hometown dates!  But it made me so sad to see him get his heart broken.  Jojo and Jordan don't have a chance in hell!! 

+ I haven't really talked about potty training on the blog at all because basically I was in denial of ever having to do it.  It's one of those parenting things that I totally just wanted to avoid and hoped the kid would just figure it out on his own at some point.  Well...in some ways that has kind of happened.  We waited until Brody was really ready before we took any actions.  He pees on the potty well, but refuses number two.  Again, I figure it will eventually happen.  My husband googled potty training the other night and read one woman's comment that said she told her son that his poop feeds all the fishes in the sea and if he doesn't poop they will starve to death.  And it worked.  That sounded genius to me and I need to give it a try.  What pooping techniques worked for you????

+ I get asked frequently about whether we are done having kids or if we will have a third.  The answer is uncertain, but I will tell you this:  We think we want three.  Since having a second baby my emotions have been like this...I most definitely want a third---no way, I'm totally done---okay, I might be able to do another one.   In that order.  So there's a good chance my mind keeps changing, but it is on our radar.  

+ And on a much lighter note, the Nordstrom anniversary sale ends this weekend.  So many darn things have already sold out its ridiculous.  I'm working on a post for tomorrow that shares with you the items that are still in stock.  Meanwhile, you can go here, here, here and here for some of my favorite picks.

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. That rug is so fun! Can't wait to see it in the room! Ugh, I'm so annoyed she picked Jordan! Robby is perfect - heard they're already broken up...I feel like that's everyone's thought process when it comes to deciding on a 3rd baby lol My co-worker was the same way and they gave themselves a time window and if they weren't pregnant by a certain time, they were done - she's having her 3rd boy any day lol have a great weekend!

  2. I totally agree with you about JoJo and Jordan. I just knew she was going to pick him... you know all these people ever want is fame! It's sad.

    And girl, do NOT get me started on pooping on the potty. We went through HELL with our now five year old boy. We literally tried everything. EVERYTHING. It was horrible. And then I came up with the idea to throw a poo poo party... and it worked. I just blogged about it a few months ago and it still cracks me up that we actually did this. The link is below if you wanna see!


  3. I am feeling to need to clean and organize, too! Hope that rug works out for you guys - it looks so fun!

  4. I told my daughter that diapers didn't fit her anymore, she peed on the potty no problem but would only poop in a diaper. It worked!

  5. So random, but where did you get your Yeti sticker from? I love the font!

    1. yes we have a local gift store that does free monogramming when you buy a yeti cup from them!!

  6. First, I love that rug. Second, that potty training story cracked me up! Whatever it takes.

  7. We'rent we just pregnant like yesterday??? I'm not ready to do it again quite yet but I think in a year I'll be ready to give it a whirl....and Jojo and Jordan will crash and burn FAST. Robbie is a doll!

  8. where are your sunglasses from?!? i love them. and im totallly dreading the whole potty training thing! but it will be nice not to change diapers! xo jillian

  9. That rug is such a cute purchase and I am itching to Summer clean! The school year starting with a nice, organized house is the best feeling!

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