Scenes from Our Weekend

Our weekend was about as lazy and low-key as it gets, but we did have plans for Saturday night; so despite Matt not feeling to great all week, we made it out to dinner!  Brody has been feeling okay, but we are still battling fluid in his ears.  He was back to the Doc this week and needless to say, we have scheduled him for tubes next month.   Madelyn picked up a cough and Matt had the flu all week.  So it was a weekend for healing and for Mama to play nurse :)

Friday afternoon the UPS man came right during nap time, so I was able to sneak into my closet and play dress up for a bit.  You probably saw on Instagram, but I'm obsessed with this sweater.  The ruffled bottom is adorable and the back makes the cutest V.  It's 40% off right now and comes in Navy too.  My shoes are an absolute Valentino look alike.  When they arrived, I couldn't believe how close they were to being the true Rockstuds, but for only $69!! They are sold out in the creme color, but still have all the sizes in black. 

Saturday night was our date night where we were meeting up with another couple.  I was dying to take my new shoes for a spin, so I picked out a cute dress that I wore to my cousin's wedding weekend in Palm Springs.  The shoes were perfect with it and I had some fun statement earrings from J. Crew.  I did something a little different with my hair for the night too which turned out pretty cute. 

Dress /  Shoes / Clutch (old) / Earrings (old)

I pulled back half of my hair and tied it with a rubber band.  Then I put this doughnut on (which I think I bought at Sally's beauty) and pulled my hair through it.  I took another small hair tie and wrapped my hair around the doughnut and tucked loose ends with bobby pins.   Thankfully the doughnut was the color of my hair because I'm not sure that I covered it completely, but it still worked out.

What do you think?  Are you into the half-way up messy bun look??  I really wasn't when I saw people wearing it at first, but now I really like it.

Sunday was spent lounging around at the house and doing a little clean up.  Matt and I tackled our pantry while the kids were napping and it felt so good.  Then I cleaned up the entire kitchen (even hiding the baby bottles) and it was amazing how good it felt! 

FYI...That orchid in the photo is fake.  My trick is to replace a dead orchid with a fake stem like the one below, but keep the real leaves alive.  So I add a few ice cubes to the leaves every now and then to keep them alive and then have my fake orchid that looks very real :)

I hope you have a great and productive week!! 


  1. Don't you just love a clean kitchen? And I think your hair looks great half up with a bun!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. You looked so cute for your date night!!!

  3. I love that sweater and those shorts. I haven't found jean shorts that are comfortable or look right this entire summer. And you can totally pull off that hair do, I don't have anywhere near enough hair so you would totally be able to see the donut!

  4. Goodness! I hope everyone feels better! Sounds like a fun night out on Saturday - love your outfit! You totally rock that half up bun :)

  5. That pink dress is GORG!! I would want to wear that every day if it was in my closet! Seriously.

  6. Loooove that pink dress! I have it in a maxi that is off the shoulder and wish I could wear it every weekend! And your hair looks amazing like that!

  7. Love that sweater! Looks so great! And your orchid trick is great. I never know what to do when the orchid isn't bloomed!

  8. That is my favorite sweater purchase from last year and I am SO glad it's back! I also love the half bun and will be totally copying with my trusty hair donut! The orchid trick is brilliant!