Five on Friday | Lately

It felt like a Five on Friday kind-of-day, so here ya go! 

My little baby, Madelyn, is going to be headed to the one year old classroom for Mom's Day Out this year.  I started Brody when he was one and I think it was really good for him.  They just go a few mornings a week and now Brody and Madelyn will be on the same schedule and at the same school which will be really nice.  I ordered the sweetest little labels from Minted to use for her sippy cups and bottles and the small ones are labels for clothes.  I was also in need of some new thank you note cards for her and I love the way these turned out.  

Back to school stuff has me ready to get the whole house organized! I started with our cup cabinet.  I was so tired of seeing our sippy cups and lids every where and tipping them all over to get to one, that I grabbed a 3-tier organizer from Target recently.  It has worked great.  I also grabbed a wired rack to allow for more space for plates and bowls for the kids.  I wish all my kids plates were the same and stacked perfectly together, but that's not the case.  So this little trick seems to help pretty well. 

My babysitter, who also does photography, was so sweet to snap some new head shots for me to use on the blog.  I've been wanting to update my picture for awhile now as the one I'm using is about 6 years old and a photo where I just cropped Matt right out of it :)  I'm not sure which photo I'm going to use yet, but I definitely lean towards having my glasses on.  Is that terrible that I like to cover up half my face???  We were outside and I'm kind of squinting in the other ones, so I'm not sure I like them as much. 

Has anyone tried these things at Starbucks yet??  I've been so tempted.  They look delicious and I feel like I wouldn't feel near as guilty eating one of these as I would a regular pop tart!

Our new rug that I ordered for the Playroom/Office came in and I've been trying to decide whether I love it in the room or not.  I'm 99% sure that I do.  I'm really going to miss our black & white striped rug because I love the chicness of it, but it stays so filthy and stained.  It's done.  This rug is a little bit rougher than the one we have now, so I was worried if the kids would like sitting and playing on it; but they don't seem to mind a bit :)

The after nap snuggles I have been getting lately have been pretty awesome.  Madelyn is finally happy to tune into a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a bit and suck down her bottle.  I love these moments. 

Have a great weekend!! 

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  1. Have a great one.

  2. I love an organized cabinet! Those kid cups and plates can be the worst! I'm hoping we are on the way out with those Sippy cups! Have a great weekend (stopping by from the linkup)!

  3. I love that Madelyn is able to start the one year old class! Because of Oliver's birthday he won't be able to start till next year, so he'll be almost two! I think your headshot looks great! I'd be the same way about glasses, I'm way too critical of myself!

  4. Such sweet kiddos! And I love the headshot with your sunglasses on (and that top!). I think my first part of nesting has been figuring out where all of the baby things will fit on our kitchen counters/in cabinets, so I'm loving the sneak peek at how you store your kid cups/plates. I'm guessing my priority shelves for good wine glasses and my Tervis collection may be moved to the side... :) Happy weekend!

  5. In my future house I've always thought a black and white rug in a playroom would be perfect, but you may be changing my gray and white one I have in our dining area is basically trash at this point, so maybe white is just a total no go!

  6. those little labels are so cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Those labels are precious. So handy that your babysitter does photos, too. That one turned out really well!

  8. I hadn't seen the Magpies yet at Starbucks but clearly I need to try one! Have a great weekend!

  9. I love organizing a cabinet but they never seem to stay that way! That little riser looks great, might have to search for some of those!

  10. Aww kids are so flexible, they don't seem to mind that rug at all! Love the sippy cup organization! When I nannied, I had that issue all of the time! Happy weekend!! xo

  11. I am interested in getting those clothing labels from Minted but am unsure if they would work on my daughter's clothing. Right now some of her clothes do not have an actual tag - the information is imprinted on the clothing. Does anyone have any experience with using these labels?

  12. I am desperate to organize the kids' cups and plates, such great ideas! I also need to order those labels for school asap!