Scenes from Our Weekend | My Nephew's 2nd Birthday

We had gorgeous weather this weekend (with the exception of torrential down pour Friday night) and enjoyed lots of time outside with the kids.  

My nephew celebrated his 2nd birthday with the coolest party ever.  He had a full train at the party that all the kids and adults could ride around the neighborhood.  That is, all the kids that weren't afraid to ride on the train.  My son was somehow scared to death of the darn thing.  Who would have thought?  Once the conductor started loading up the train to go home, Brody finally decided he wanted to get in the driver seat and ring the bell!

The decorations and party details were adorable.  

I love this idea of the little snack train that she made using easy items for the kids to snack on.

We had perfect weather and enjoyed time outside on the deck after going on a few train rides.  At least Madelyn enjoyed her ride!

Look at all these cute kiddos! 

My bro, SIL and nephew ready to blow out his candle.

Another awesome attempt at a family photo...

Train ride with his girlfriend...

Waving goodbye to the big train that he was so happy to see leave!

We spent Saturday evening at a friends house for a fun dinner of homemade pizzas and letting kids run wild!  The men watched the final four basketball game and the ladies sipped on wine and tried to hold a few adult conversations while telling the kids to go entertain themselves :)

Sunday was gorgeous and we wish we had gotten our act together to go out to the beach, but we were all a little lazy and slow moving.  We stayed in our pjs most of the morning, but finally made it out for a great walk around downtown and a little lunch al fresco!

The weather got me so excited for warm Spring and Summer weekends ahead.  I can't wait until we can start going out to the beach and taking the boat out on a regular basis!! 

Here's to a productive week ahead (hopefully)!  


  1. What a cute party! I love the snack train, too.
    How lucky are you to live close enough to just say "I wish we'd gone to the beach yesterday"? It's a full on vacation when we want to go.


  2. I love the snack train! Great job!!

  3. What an adorable party! Hilarious that Brody was scared of the train haha!

  4. What a cute party!!! I adore the way you dress you kids! A girl after my own heart with some smocks and sweet shorts sets!

  5. So it's confirmed. Everyone in your family is adorable and knows how to host a party! Such good planners/hosts all around! Make today work, Rachel -CubicleCouture

  6. That is a precious party set-up!

  7. What an amazing birthday party!! Everything looked so cute! Sounds like an amazing weekend filled with relaxing, family and friends :)

  8. I love your family photos! Getting kids to be still long enough to snap a photo is no joke.