Brody | 2.5 Years Old

2 1/2 Years old as of December 27th, 2015
(photo by Teston Photography October 2015)

31 pounds and 36" long (estimate)

You wear 2T or 3T and a size 7/8 shoe

You have continued to be a great sleeper, but we've done a terrible job of keeping your early bedtime.  We started to become really lax this summer with a busy schedule and letting you stay up late with us.  You go to bed anywhere between 8pm-10pm depending on the night these days.  You still take a nap even though you have definitely been trying to fight it more the last few months.  Sometimes it will take you an hour or more in your room playing before you finally fall asleep.  You love to talk to your monkeys and play with them in your bed.  Typically, once you do fall asleep though, you nap for 2.5 to 3 hours.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can keep you napping for a while longer.

730 am Wake Up (had a month or so where you were waking up at 6am)
8am Breakfast
12pm Lunch
2pm (ish) Nap (started fighting these a bit around 28 months old)
6pm Dinner
7:30pm Bath
8:30-9pm Bedtime

You have stayed pretty healthy this year up until just before Christmas time.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas you were on and off sick for several weeks.  You ended up with a double ear infection and thankfully we got you better before Christmas was here!

You have continued to be a picky eater.  You still eat lots of fruit and pretty much zero vegetables.  You love my smoothies, so that's the only time I get some spinach down you.  You eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches and grilled cheese.  You still love baked sweet potatoes and butternut squash sprinkled with cinnamon too. We have finally gotten you to take a bite of a few different meats, but you still won't eat any on a regular basis.

You love to sing and listen to music, bath time with sister, and playing with Daddy. You are Daddy's shadow. You follow him everywhere when he is around. You still like taking stroller rides, swinging on your swing, and any type of ball. You sleep with your blankie, lamby and monkey every night. Your animals are like your imaginary friends now. You talk to them in your room all the time and you even sing to them. It's so sweet. You're newest obsession is having Daddy play music videos for you on his iPhone. Your favorites are Journey and Dean Martin :)

Being told No. Santa Clause.

Crawling out of your crib - July (25 months old)
Lost your pacifier completely - July (25 months)
Moved to big boy room in crib - August (26 months)
Became a BIG BROTHER - September (27 months)
Moved crib mattress on floor- October (28 months)
Moved to big boy bed with rails- October (28 months)
Can spell your name - October (28 months)

Places You’ve Gone:
Vail, CO (4th of July)
Miami (November 2015)

First day of Pre K 2

First Bath with baby Sister

Sunday Best

Fall School Picture Day

3rd Halloween

I've tried to keep updates of the little man as he approached his toddler years.  I hope to start writing down more of the funny comments that come out of their mouth.  Here are a few old updates:

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  1. Happy birthday to the best dressed man I've ever seen :)

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  3. So cute! His hair is so pretty :)