Scenes from Our Weekend | Christmas Recap

I think I may finally be coming out of my Christmas comma this year and am ready to share all the festivities with ya'll!  As I mentioned last week, we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family the weekend before Christmas and had Matt's family in town for the holiday weekend.  Brody had a blast playing with his cousins.  

My two little helpers were home with me on the 23rd as we got ready for our guests.  We were actually supposed to go see Santa Clause at the mall, but the weather was horrendous for most of the day that we never made it. 

We woke up on Christmas Eve and Daddy made us some special pancakes to start the day.  
Not bad, huh?

On Christmas Eve, we went out to dinner with Matt's family.  It was so great because we went early, the restaurant wasn't crowded and the kids did awesome.  Our nieces came back home with us and we watched Home Alone, took pictures of baby Madelyn, and baked some cupcakes.

Watching Home Alone!

We sent everyone to bed and then got everything ready for the big day!

Heading downstairs for Christmas Morning!!

Christmas morning with Brody 2015 from Annie Malone on Vimeo.

We woke up Christmas morning and put the kids in their Santa outfits. We started this little tradition on Brody's first Christmas when my Mom bought Brody that little Santa outfit that Madelyn has on below.  I also still love having matching PJ's with the kids.


Christmas morning was just the four of us.  We love being able to soak in those moments watching the kids and enjoying time with just our family.  I always make this breakfast casserole and we have a leisurely morning in our PJ's.

Brody was pretty stoked about his gifts!

We tried to steal one photo of all the grandkids on my husbands side.  Everyone was cooperating perfectly except for Brody!

Taking a family photo was really fun too!! HA

And after all the hoopla of Christmas day, this is what 6pm looked like at our house!!  We couldn't keep the kid awake.  He missed his nap and was exhausted.

We had another family party the day after Christmas.  We were all pretty exhausted, but Madelyn was still smiling and ready to party!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had lots of time with family!  I'm thankful for a wonderful Christmas, but I'm pretty thrilled to get back into routine and ring in the new year!!!

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  1. Such a cute Christmas morning video! I love it when your husband said he isn't buying the Santa bit! Haha

  2. Too much goodness!!!! Do you upload your videos onto a Vimeo account? I need somewhere to store all of mine!

  3. That video is so adorable! I love how Brody went straight for the bows!

  4. What a fun Christmas with your babies! I love all of their outfits! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  5. Such a fun Christmas! Love watching the video of Brody's excitement on Christmas morning - so sweet!!

  6. Such lovely photos, Annie! Brody was so cute, seeing his piano for the first time. Have a great New Year! <3

  7. Omg that video melted my heart! How cute are you in your Christmas jammies?! And Brody's excitement is just precious. Cannot wait for Christmas with kids! Xo