Scenes from Our Weekend | Halloween

Did everyone enjoy their Halloween weekend??  I honestly was never much of a fan of Halloween in the past.  I mean, I have always appreciated an excuse for a party; but I've just never been one of those people that can whip up a great costume for the occasion or was ever too excited about the excuse of showing off my midriff.  Now that I have kids, it certainly brings a bit more excitement to the holiday and like before; I still love the excuse to enjoy a party!!  So this year, we dressed up, trick -or-treated and had a great party.  

Friday evening was spent at home with wine and cheese.  #wild

And then we had a first for these two!  We put Madelyn in the bath with Brody and I was totally digging it.  Anything that helps streamline our nighttime routine is a plus in my book these days!  Don't you think she's starting to look so much like her big brother too???

Saturday we ran out to breakfast and then rushed around for a few last minute things for our Halloween night.  We were heading to our friends house for Halloween this year and for the 2nd half of the Florida vs. Georgia football game!  We left Madelyn at home with my MIL while we took Brody to the party and to do his first round of trick-or-treating.  

I had to snap a few pictures of the kids together in their Halloween costumes before we left for the party.  They totally nailed it, don't you think?? This is the first year we've been able to get a decent picture of Brody in his costume, so I was thrilled!

We kissed Madelyn goodbye, ordered our Uber, and off we went.  I put together a "Blue Angel" costume to go with my little pilot!  I was really into this blue hair and considering taking it for a spin every now and then...what do you think??  :)

My Rocksbox order this month totally nailed it and made for the perfect accessories for my costume. I haven't shared my Rocksbox goodies in awhile, but I always enjoy getting a few new fun pieces of jewelry each month.   My favorite this month was the Margaret Elizabeth Tear Drop Bangle.  If you're interested in a free month of Rocksbox, go sign up and use code: ANNIEBFF9.  I get a free month of you sign up too, so thank you ahead of time :)

My outfit all together (minus my wings) with my cute little pilot! 

The best family picture we could capture.

This was what our attempt to go trick-or-treating really looked like!! As soon as we got all loaded up to take the kids out, the bottom fell out and the rain came a pouring...

Thankfully our kids are still young enough that they really didn't know what they were missing out on yet.  They didn't like getting wet, so we headed home, threw them in the tub, put them in some warm PJ's and us parents enjoyed some cocktails and football while these love birds entertained each other!! I'll call that a win in my book...

And today I was reminded of this quote as all I wanted to do was eat hamburgers, pizza and chocolate all day long....  The diet starts tomorrow :)
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  1. Wine and cheese on a Friday? Sounds perfect!
    Love the Halloween costumes--everyone looks great!! :)

  2. You and Brody looked so cute as the Blue Angels! It's funny how all of the holidays change as we get older :)

  3. Yes! Glad they are young enough to not notice when things go wrong (like rain on Halloween night haha) we took Emily out on Friday to do a round of trick or treating and then waited to do another round on Saturday but we got the wrong time for Saturday as missed it. We gave her the option of going in our neighborhood instead or go back home and give out candy in our haunted house (pics on my post) and she said she had so much candy from Friday night she didn't want cavities and she would give out candy with dad! Haha smart girl! Love your blue angel costume! So fun! Love that you throw them both in the tub at the same time! Ha! So cute! Xo

  4. Brody is seriously the cutest little boy! I saw an IG post of him a few days ago and immediately showed my friend and we both gawked at him! Love those costumes

  5. Oh my goodness love the halloween costumes!! so adorable!

  6. What a fun weekend! Brody is so adorable in that fighter pilot costume and your blue angel was so clever! I'm so bad at Halloween costumes but I've got to step my game up next year

  7. Your Halloween pictures are so cute!! I love that you and Brody coordinated :) Getting them both in the tub at the same time is an awesome accomplishment, yay for you!! It also makes the whole bath/bed routine so much easier.

  8. LOVE love love your Halloween costume! Brody was too cute! That jacket and glasses? And how cute are you as a Blue Angel? Your Friday night sounds perfect! Is that the Boon baby bath? We do bath time at the same time too and it makes it so much easier! Sometimes, I will put the baby in first while Bowe is going potty and then he is in and out almost by the time she is in.) How is Madelyn sleeping? And yep, everyday that is the struggle!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

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