Scenes from Our Weekend | Fall Fun

We are getting some really nice "Fall" weather right now. Not cold per say, but finally cooling off!! Sadly, it will probably only last a couple of weeks and then it will just turn really cold!! But for now, I'm going to enjoy the Fall temps. 

Friday I made a trip to Target and it officially put me in the Holiday spirit. I'm not skipping over Thanksgiving because this is always one of my favorite holidays too, but I'm started to get really excited for Christmas!! Target's got it going on with lots of cute decor and paper products right now.

Brody and I met Kristen and her adorable girls for a trip to the Children's museum. She recently moved from Houston to Pensacola and we through blogging and IG. She actually won the Kate Spade diaper bag giveaway that I ran on instagram a few weeks ago too!!! Her and the girls couldn't be sweeter :)

We spent Friday night at home hanging out. We were planning on headed out to dinner with the kids and then we chickened out at the last minute, so I ran and picked up Carrabas curbside instead :)

Saturday morning we grabbed breakfast and ran a quick errand with the kids. We did a little Thanksgiving decorating around the house, put the kids down for naps and then headed to my brother and SIL's house for a fun football party! I wish I had pictures of all these kids we had running around and playing together. 

I got to snag this pictures with my little man during the most beautiful sunset. This picture doesn't even do it justice. The sky was so pink!

My beautiful niece came in town for for a quick visit and spent the night. She got to catch some sweet snuggles and play time with the kids. 

She also gave me some fun lessons in Snapchat (homeofmalones)! I really want to try and be a better snap chatter because it's so much fun. I just always forget about it. We even had Brody having so much fun with it. He kept wanting to see this picture and then it scared him to death every time he looked at it!

Sunday we brunched and snapped a photo of this boy with his big kid button down on. He's looking so grown up to me lately. Makes me a little sad! 

We had some friends come over and we walked downtown for a little while. The weather was perfect and they had a small festival going on. We stuck both big kids in the stroller and they did great. 

We got home from walking downtown and decided to try and put both kids down for naps together. We were pretty sure it would be a long shot to put two 2 year olds in a room together and expect them to nap; but after about 15 minutes of playtime, they both fell asleep. It was a miracle! 

The kids napped and we had a little Sunday funday with champagne and dinner!! We made a killer dinner with fresh fish and "cheersed" to making it another week with two kids :)

Have a great week..

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  1. Loving that sunset pic of you and little man! And Target is killin it per usual with the decor <3

  2. You packed so much into your weekend, I am so impressed! There are so many sweet little faces in every picture!

  3. Oh my! I can't believe how big Baby Girl is getting!!

  4. I keep refusing to start the whole Christmas Experience yet- I don't want to short Thanksgiving. It is VERY hard though!!!!

    That sunset picture is gorgeous

    Looks like a great weekend!

  5. Target is killing it with the Christmas stuff this year! I spent $150 last week in about 2 minutes… husband couldn't understand why I needed so much wrapping paper hahah. Brody looks sooo handsome in his big boy shirt!

  6. Two toddlers sleeping in the same room!!! Woooooohoooooooo! Go you! Lovin Target right now! Xo

  7. I got sucked into the Target Christmas aisles this weekend too! So much good stuff

  8. Fun weekend!!! Both of your babes are just so cute!

  9. Brody is so cute! Snapchat is addicting. I love it!