House Tour | Brody's Big Boy Room

We moved Brody to his big boy room at the end of August so I could have some time to turn his old nursery into Madelyn's room. We actually started the transition with moving the crib into the new room even though he had already been climbing out of the crib for about a month. I thought it would make the transition smoother. And I think it did. 

After a few weeks, he actually ended up breaking the crib springs and we moved the mattress to the floor. He slept on the cute little mattress like a champ for about 2 weeks and then I felt he was ready to sleep in a real bed with rails. I have to say, he has done an awesome job transition to his big boy room and big boy bed. The thing I was most worried about was losing his nap and thankfully, we still got it!! 

His little room has been a work in progress and honestly has mostly come to us because of furniture my Mom was no longer using. She sold her house in New Orleans and had all this extra bedroom furniture that we were lucky enough to snag. The timing was perfect and twin beds couldn't be cuter in a little kids room. 

Here's a look at what his room looks like with the crib mattress and further down with both twin beds set up.

Room Sources:
Black Headboards - Antiques (from my Mom)
Mirrored Bedside Table - unknown (Given to us from my Mom)
Animal (Busts) Heads over Beds - Anthropologie
Bed Linens - Leontine Linens (given to us from my Mom)
Teepee - Land of Nod
Dog Art above nightstand - Sugarboo Designs
Elephant Lamp - Potterybarn Kids
Blackout Curtains- PB Teen
Clear Book Displays - Cleardisplays.com
Bookshelf - Land of Nod
Trolley Art Print - New Orleans (from my Mom)
Laundry Hamper- Land of Nod
Rug - West Elm

I know I'm missing plenty of items.  If you have any questions as to where something is from, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below.  

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  1. Annie, it is such a lovely room! I love the carpet--it looks like it would be so cozy to play on! And the bedding--such classics! The whole room is so wonderful. The animals on the wall, the Skip Hop basket (we have the same one), even the metallic baskets in the bookshelf. Such awesome attention to detail! You definitely have a calling in designing nurseries! Glad to hear Brody kept his nap! Hope Madelyn is giving you some rest at night!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  2. I'm obsessed with that little teepee! Love what you did with the room!!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  3. i love this room! it's adorable. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. His room is precious! We're trying to finalize Walker's big-boy room now that the baby is on his/her way, and I've been looking for some cute book displays! I might have to snag these. ;) Our biggest challenge is that we don't have a play room, so his room doubles as one…toys are EVERYWHERE!

  5. Love it! It's a great room and I love that you have his Christmas books out!

  6. Oh my gosh, his room is fantastic! I love the little tee pee and the whole look of the room :)

  7. Such a great room for a growing boy! I was always very lucky with the "big boy bed" transition as well. My boys, now 16 & 13, took to them like champs! xx www.celebratingthislife.ca

  8. LOVE his big boy bedroom!! The perfect amount of boy but not "themed", which I'm not a fan of!! The tent is adorable!

  9. His room turned out so adorable!! I love the animal theme and tee pee! And good for Brody for sleeping in a big boy bed!

  10. His room is so cute and perfect for a little boy!! That's awesome you were able to snag some furniture from your mom - the twin beds are perfect!

  11. Hi Annie! The room is adorable! To-die-for... We are about to transition our 2 year old into a big boy bed...just curious...where did you get the side rails for the twin bed? I've looked at target etc and the only ones I have found don't span the length of the bed....

  12. So pretty!! Love the black and white color palette!

  13. Another beautiful bedroom! Receiving a few pieces of furniture for any room is always a great surprise! Xo, Stephanie