Thoughts for Thursday | Our days with Two Kids

Hi, friends!  Long time no speak around here.   This past week has been a bit busier as I have attempted to navigate motherhood a bit more on my own and with a little less help from all our family.  The good news is the newborn seems to be sleeping a little better at night.  The bad news is that I suck at getting out of the house with two kids by myself (pray for me as I know this will get better with practice)!

I thought I would give you a little run down of what our days look like with two kids right now!  Brody goes to school three mornings a week now.  While it's awesome to have some alone time with baby girl, it's exhausting getting him to and from school by myself.  It never fails that I have a screaming, hungry newborn driving to and from school or better yet that she's wide awake the whole time I'm home with her and then falls asleep 10 minutes before we need to leave to pick Brody up from school.  But I digress....

The kids seem to be waking up around 6:30am each morning now which is early for Brody.  He used to not wake until 7:30, but now he's happily strolling into our room bright and early.  If one is awake, then I'm not getting sleep anyway so it's fine.  So this is when our morning starts and the divide and conquering begins between Matt and I!!

We get some snuggle time in bed.  I feed baby M.  Matt and I take turns getting a shower.  Matt brings Brody downstairs and gets him started with breakfast while I get dress for the day and then bring Madelyn down.

Brody has been fed and dressed by Matt.  I snag an energy ball for breakfast and an iced coffee and make my way to my new best friend...the breast pump.  We attempt to get out the door to leave for school about 8:40am, but it's always a little chaotic! I got lucky on this particular morning to actually change Madelyn out of her pajamas and into something cute because we were headed to the pediatrician after dropping Brody at school.

We head home after the doctor's appointment about 10:30am.  This is when I try to get a few things done around the house like unloading the dishwasher, prepping dinner, or having photoshoots with the baby! 

It's 12pm and I feed the baby again, grab some leftovers for lunch and we're out the door again for 12:45 to go pick Brody up from school.  It's kind of comical to try and watch me get both kids into the car after picking Brody up.  I'm carrying Madelyn in the carseat so I only have one hand to try and keep my toddler reigned in!  I'm always exhausted at this point.  

We're home by 1:15, get Brody a snack, and up to the crib he goes for nap time!  He fights his nap for a good 45min typically and plays or talks in his crib and finally gives in for a good 2-3 hour nap.  Madelyn and I follow suit and lay down for a little power nap ourselves.  I don't always fall asleep during this time, but I try to at least relax to some mindless TV for a bit.

4:30 and I'm back downstairs with both kids and feeding Brody another snack.  We turn on a little Jake and the Neverland Pirates, play outside and do whatever we can to entertain ourselves until Dad gets home around 6pm.

7pm We grill chicken for dinner and have both kids outside while we sip our wine.  The weather has been so nice to play outside in the evenings!

8pm and we wrap up dinner to bring the kids upstairs for bath and bedtime.  Matt takes Brody duty and I have Madelyn.  I give Madelyn her bath in the sink right now then we sit in her room with a bottle and some snuggle time.  I rock her to sleep and then bring her in our room to sleep at 9:30pm.  

Once she's down, I pump, take a nice soaking bath and prepare myself for being up again in just a few hours!  She's actually been sleeping from 9:30 to 2:30am these last few nights, so fingers crossed that this keeps up.  I'm definitely enjoying the 5 hour stretch of sleep.  

And then we wake up to do it all over again!! Even though days can be long and patience runs thin, I couldn't love this little bunch of humans any more than I do!

So that's a wrap! 

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  1. Oh the newborn stage and toddler stage together. You must be one sleepy momma! Good news, it does get easier. Just hang in there awhile longer. You will have the outings down pat, the sleep will come and you will look back on this time and wonder where it all went. She is beautiful Annie and little girls, they do melt your heart!

  2. What a whirlwind you are living right now! Sounds like you've got things under control (even if it's exhausting).

  3. We waited a long time for our second baby, and now we have two boys, ages 8 and 8 months! It definitely has been an adventure trying to get used to having a baby and 2 kids! It does get easier! Have a great day!

  4. SUCH a beautiful family!! I'm sure life with 2 kids is a crazy difference but it looks like you are handling it smoothly. :)

  5. Busy lady!! You are doing a great job and you have 2 perfectly adorable little ones so that definitely doesn't hurt ;) Xoxo

  6. The kiddos are just precious! Congratulations again! I love the ending, then we wake up and do it all over again! Haha


  7. I'm so impressed with what a solid schedule you have down so early! And what a great sleeper Madelyn is!!! You're rocking it mama!

  8. i barely get out the house with one baby so im impressed!! you are doing such a good job! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Your family is beautiful! Busy days, full heart (and arms!) :)

  10. Loved reading this!! Sounds like you have a good routine going, even if it feels exhausting! Glad you get some one on one time with baby M, and some "you" time in there too! Go Mama! XOXO

  11. The kids are so cute!! Seems like your days are swamped but those 2 precious kids are the best!

  12. Hang in there! The kiddos are adorable--Madelyn is just too cute for words! Your day sounds like it is jam packed! Bowe started school when Jack was 4 months old and I cannot imagine trying to drag the newborn to and from twice a day; because for the first five weeks no joke every 20 minutes he would want to nurse. Is Moms On Call working for you this time around as well? Get some rest when you can! You are doing great!

    Annie- All Things Big and Small

  13. You are doing such a great job! I'm exhausted with just one 10 month old, I can't imagine a NB and toddler! It definitely helps that they are both adorable!!