Thoughts for Thursday

Sorry to be late to the party again! I hosted the family for dinner last night and by the time the meal was prepped, cooked and the party was over; I had no energy left to finish my post!  So I'm leaving you with this and will be back soon!!

Today's post was really meant to be a bit heavy hearted.  I've had several things on my mind and weighing on my heart this week.  

First, I've been so sad to read about the passing of Leslie from A Blonde Ambition Blog.  She's been around the blog world for almost 6 years and many of you have probably been a long time reader or read another blog that maybe has mentioned her passing.  She leaves behind two baby girls under two years old as well as her adorable husband.  It's just heartbreaking.  She beautiful on the inside and out and struggled from heart problems since having her second baby girl in December 2014.   Please pray for her family. 

There is a Go Fund Me page set up to help raise money for the college educations of Leslie's daughters. You can see that here
You can also read through Leslie's blog here.

Another blogger, Katie { The Macarthurs Lately },  who happens to live in my city also needs your prayers this week.  She delivered her beautiful baby girl, Charlotte, this week.   Charlotte inhaled a lot of meconium (a babies first bowel movement) while being born and is very sick.  She has spent her time in the NICU instead of in the arms of her beautiful parents.  She needs your prayers.  You can follow along as Katie posts updates on her Instagram account @klm61210.

Lastly, I have been following the story of these two 14 year old boys that went missing from Jupiter, FL.  They took their 19 foot boat out for a day of fishing last Friday and haven't been found.  Their boat was found capsized off the shore of Daytona Beach, FL and a few items were missing from the boat that they suspect the boys are using for floatation devices.  I feel like this story has sucked me in like the Natalie Hollaway Case from so many years ago.   It makes me so sad for the families and how many unanswered questions they have.  Have you been keeping up with this national story??

Sorry for the heavy post today, but these families all need your prayers.  


  1. Those two together are so cute!!

  2. Your dining table is gorgeous. I love the soft colors. And that chandelier is beautiful.
    Thanks for hosting the link up!

  3. Your dining table looks so pretty, all set up for a cozy meal!:) Random question for you: where do you find sweet pajamas like the ones that Brody is wearing in that last picture? I'd love to find some for Caleb, but don't know where to look. I am SO over all the sports/trucks/animal themed pjs with stupid slogans on them for boys. SO ugly. I just want some sweet little pj sets that Caleb can wear before he gets too big to be sweet anymore:(

  4. Oh my gosh, they are just precious!

  5. Looks like a great dinner party! I love seeing babies together, so sweet!

  6. That picture is adorable! Love your dining room table!

  7. On a positive note - your table set up is so fabulous! I can't get Leslie's family and those girls out of my mind this week - my heart just hurts so bad for them. Thank you for sharing the news about Katie, I knew little Charlotte was arriving soon and am so sad to hear she is struggling - many prayers to them tonight!