Scenes from Our Weekend | Destin

I'm a bit late on our weekending post this week, so I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking.  We spent the weekend down in Destin with some friends and I'm really wishing I was back there!  It's such a nice escape and the kids have a ball.  They love the beach and the pool and the condo is such a nice change of scenery for them.  There is just nothing they can hurt down there and they can run wild all they want!! 

We settled in on Friday and cooked ourselves a gourmet dinner of filet, homemade Mac & cheese, corn and salad!  I wish I had a picture of the whole group, but we were too busy chasing rascals to get one.  

Matt made us his famous blueberry and banana pancakes on Saturday morning and the kids chowed down. 

We roughed it on the beach all morning...

My sweet friend Meredith was in Destin with her Mama and she came to say hello to us on the beach for a bit.

After nap time, we had the brilliant idea of trying to venture out to dinner with two toddlers and a newborn.  It started off a bit rocky and I thought we might walk out as quick as we sat down, but it settled down and we made it through the meal. 

Does it look like we caught these boys totally off guard or what?? This picture cracks me up.

Sunday we spent the day at the pool and let the kids wear themselves out.  They had fun playing in the fountains at the kiddie pool and practicing their swimming skills! 

We even had this sweet baby girl down there.  I could just eat her up.  It was fun getting in some newborn snuggles this weekend and got me excited about our new addition! 

Sunday evening our friends went home and me, Matt, and Brody were left to have one last relaxing night.  We decided to try and go to our favorite restaurant in Destin, Marina Cafe, with Brody and see how it goes.  He ended up doing great!! It's a gamble these days as he doesn't like to stay in a highchair anymore and would rather be in a booster seat.   He did well in his booster seat and ate a kids pizza and played with his tractor! 

Mommy got to enjoy this delicious shrimp and crab roll with spicy sauce.  I was in heaven!! 

It's been fun to try and squeeze in as many beach weekends as we can before summer is over and baby Madelyn arrives.  Brody is loving being outside at the beach, on the boat or at the pool.  I'm happy to soak in this time with him. 


  1. Those beach pics look awesome! Glad you had a good trip!

  2. You're doing a great job of getting in lots of QT with B before M comes! Such a great weekend :)

  3. How fun! Destin seems like the greatest place for a beach vacation in the US. SO many great places to eat too. Do you follow Molly Carter (@destinduchess) on Instagram? She lives there and is one of my favorite ladies to follow. So glad you had a nice trip and I could totally eat that sushi right now, for breakfast, is that strange? hashtag pregnancycravings

  4. that beach looks so relaxing, love those froggie floaties!

  5. Seriously jealous of how often y'all escape to the beach!! I'm moving in soon! ;)

  6. It looks like an amazing time! That sand looks amazing and the blue of the water! Glad to hear you all had a good time and are spending lots of time at the beach before Madelyn arrives!