Five on Friday : Vail Edition


This is where I'll be blogging from for the next week... Not too shabby!

One reason I love being with my Mom for a whole week...because she's the best cook!!
 I have to admit that I'm thankful to have a week off of cooking at home :)  I know I post recipes on here weekly, but I promise you that I struggle to come up with meals to make every week.  Matt and I were so guilty of going out to eat all the time pre-child and now it's hard coming up with 5 or 6 meals a week that we both agree on! Ha!

I'm going to be so spoiled after having Mom's help this week!  She's teaching Brody young...

The weather here is perfection and it feels great to break out some long sleeves and light jackets, but still be comfortable in sandals!

Lilly Top // J Crew Minnie Pants // Tory Burch Miller Sandals // Swara Bracelets // Virtue Jewelry Tassel Necklace

Being outside all the time is probably the best part of being out here.  It's comfortable all the time and at night, you may need a little jacket but that's it.  Brody loves being outside, so it's been perfect for us!

We pretty much don't have any toys with us, so we've had to improvised (water bottles, dogs and tupperware).  My friend did give me this cute ice cube tray with little fur balls for a fun activity.

It's been so nice and relaxing so far.  Brody has adjusted without any problems and we've made sure that he's had plenty of liquids to stay hydrated out here!  After nap time, we plan to head to the pool!  

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. That seems like a GORGEOUS place to be! Enjoy your time there. Moms are always just the best cooks. Always. :)

  2. You can't beat the weather or those views! Enjoy!

  3. That looks gorgeous! I wish I was blogging from Vail :) Have so much fun and a great weekend!

  4. It looks perfect!! I love your Elsa top, I may have to steal your whole look!

  5. What a gorgeous view for the week!! Love your Elsa top and so glad that Brody is adjusting so well!

  6. Looks amazing! Enjoy your time with your family and without having to cook! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  7. What a gorgeous view! I bet you are loving some family time - that picture of your mom and Brody on the grill is just adorable. Definitely a framer!

  8. I would gladly take that blogging view!! Hope you have so much fun out there and enjoy the weekend/week!

  9. Sounds like a great time! That view is amazing!!!! :)

  10. It is so beautiful there!! The pictures of you and Brody are so cute! Enjoy your time off ;) I'm sure Brody will too busy with attention and nature to need toys (sticks count as toys too right?).

  11. What a beautiful little vacation for you! Have fun!

  12. Love your outfit! I never thought of visiting Vail in the summer time !