Thoughts for Thursday

+ Matt and I recently purchased a small beverage fridge to keep in our upstairs guest bedroom.  The reason for the fridge was not for our guests, but for a place to store Brody's morning bottle so we didn't have to go ALL the way downstairs to make his bottle and give it to him in the morning. Best.Decision.Ever. #lazyparentaward 

+  Mornings are our favorite time because when Brody wakes up between 6-7am, we bring him in our bedroom to snuggle and drink his bottle.  Then he runs around our room like a wild banshee while we get showered and dressed.  

They are holding hands...melts my heart.

+ Have I ever told ya'll that my husband is 16 years older than me??? You can read a little bit of how we met here from our wedding blog.  It's a pretty good story.  You would never guess it though because he has the cutest little baby face.  I'll admit, I had no idea he was that much older than me when I fell for him :)  He had no kids and had never been married. We used to joke that age-wise we met in the middle because he was immature and I was always on old soul. 

My world

+ 24 with Jack Bauer.  Is anyone else watching this season??  I was a die-hard 24 fan for every single season and obsessed over it. Now, this new season has come out and I feel totally lost.  You know what I blame it on?  SOCIAL MEDIA.  I can never just sit and strictly  watch TV anymore.  I'm always either blogging, playing on my phone or flipping through catalogs.  No wonder we have problems with ADD these days.....

+ I have several more pieces of furniture that I really need to pick out for the house and I have just been procrastinating so badly.  I honestly got burnt out from shopping.  And also from organizing the last room in our house-- the office.  I had plans for it to look like this.  I can't get motivated.  {Admittedly, it looks a little better now than the photo below; but not much.} I got tired of spending money.  Have ya'll ever felt that way?  I've taken a break the last couple of months and hope to finish things up soon!!


+ Jessica of Little Baby Garvin commented on one of my Instagram photos this week and I got all giddy and felt like a celebrity had commented. This blogosphere world is pretty crazy... Who's your blog crush??


  1. Wow your husband does not look that much older than you! He looks so young! I don't have any major of crushes but I feel your excitement. If I a semi big blogger comments or likes my IG pic I think I must be doing something right!

  2. The little fridge = brilliant!! I would have never guessed he's 16 years older than you - total baby face!! I had the same blogger moment this week when Fash Blvd commented on one of my posts - almost had a heart attack!!

  3. I love that picture of them holding hands!! I love the idea of putting a fridge upstairs! Actually, I've recently started telling my husband that we need to put our Keurig upstairs. Personally, I think it'd be genius. He... is not convinced.

  4. I had no idea that there was that much of an age gap between you guys. George is 12 years older than me, so I totally understand your choice in an older man. :)

    Love that you guys got a mini fridge for Brody's bottle. Whatever makes life a little easier. :) Such cute pictures!

  5. How fun that Jessica From LBG commented on your IG! That is totally a celebrity sighting! Love her too.

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