Thoughts for Thursday + A Way to Pay it Forward

I'm going to keep it real today with a random thought post.  I always find them fun to read when other's do them and thought I'd give it a try.  

- My sons nap schedule has been completely erratic the last few weeks and it's kind of driving me crazy! 

- It seem to have started around the time of day light savings time when he began waking up closer to 7am instead of 6am.  That extra hour seemed to really throw off our morning nap.  What time do your babes nap and when did they switch from two naps a day to one nap a day??

- He sleeps amazing at night (12+hrs), so I shouldn't complain; but it would be able to get things done during the day.

- I feel like I have less and less time for the blog these days, but I really want to make more time for it.

- Speaking of time, I feel like there are 1,000 things to do once the baby goes to bed (6:30ish), but I'm so tired all I want to do it sit on the couch or in the bed and relax.  Plus, I'm usually ready for bed myself by about 9 o'clock! 

-  I feel bad being on the computer when my hubby is home from work, but nighttime seems to be about the only time I have to blog these days.  Thus, the blog is not getting a ton of attention and I feel like I have some great post up my sleeve that I would like to get done!  Hopefully the little man will get on a good nap schedule again and I will have time to myself.

- Husband and I started with a trainer together this week and I love that it's something fun for us to do together in the evening.  With a baby, we never make it out to dinner during the week and are always home with lots of things to distract us.  

- Brody has been eating baby food since 6 months old and basically pureed only.  At about 7 months I tried him on some puffs and he did not take them well.  He gagged and choked a few times and it scared me to death, so I stopped giving them to him.  Thankfully he has gotten the hang of it now and has more teeth to chew them and he is doing great and Mama is over her fear!! He just figured out the "pincher" to mouth move too, so that is fun to watch.

-  I need more ideas for baby finger foods (son is 9 months old).  So far I still do mostly puree's but we have done some cut up butternut squash, sweet potatoes, avocados and bananas.  What else do you like to give for the early stages of finger foods?

-  The weather has warmed up here and we have had a couple of "beach day" worthy warm days.  I am really not excited about bikini season.  I am working my best to try and get comfortable, but I think its going to take a few more months.   One pieces don't do the trick for me either.  However, I am intrigued with a new style right now which is woman rash guards!! 
What are your thoughts?? Yay or nay?

I think some of my comfort level has changed in a bathing suit because I am now having to chase a baby all around the beach and moving around all the time as I show my stomach rolls and cellulite.  I preferred to plop my butt in a beach chair with a cold drink in my hand and not move too much :)

-  I was in the Starbucks drive through yesterday and the car in front of me paid for my coffee.  I just love that.  It was such a wonderful surprise and made me smile all day.  

-  I found out yesterday that an old friend of mine that I went to Kindergarten through 12th grade with and lived down the street from is planning a move back to Pensacola Beach from Houston to continue fighting her battle against cancer by the water.  She has a rare type of cervical cancer and put it in remission once, but recently was informed that the new treatments were ineffective and the cancer has spread.  These treatments are very expensive and our good friend started a site to help raise money for her family.  I hate asking for money; but in this case, it hits close to home.  Here is a way to pay it forward with $5, $10 or $15 dollars.  No amount is too small.  Think of it as one Starbucks frappachino....  

Donate below and leave a comment and let me know that you paid it forward :)

Kate's Fund

Thank you so much for your generosity!! Ya'll are the best!  


  1. I could have written this whole post!! Except for the working out with a trainer part :) Miller has had the worst nap schedule- for the last week he has basically been refusing to take an afternoon nap. I will put him in his crib and he will play around for sometimes 45 mins before falling asleep and then is only asleep for 30-45 mins when he used to nap 1.5-2 hrs. Then on the days he skips the afternoon naps completely he's in bed before 6pm because he's so cranky and tired. I have no idea what to do!
    Miller's been eating finger foods for awhile now but we still haven't tried a ton of stuff because he can still only eat really small pieces but here are some of my go tos: wholgrain waffle (torn into small pieces), cheerios, blueberries, black beans, broccoli (cooked so well so that its super mushy), ground turkey, mac & cheese (I buy the organic small shells for kids), mozzarella, string cheese (torn into small pieces), avocado, banana, sweet potato, baked potato (he loves these, I put a little butter and cheese on them sometimes). I'm having a hard time with meats because I'm always afraid I don't get it soft enough for him. He's getting kind of tired of the usual but I don't know what else to try. I can't wait until he has more teeth and I'm less paranoid!

  2. Don't worry about not having time to blog. I feel the same way, and I don't even have a kiddo. Like I'm sure you've heard before, people would much rather read a blog that posts once a week with interesting content, than 2-3 with filler that has been said over and over again.

    My niece and nephews (3 and 2 year old twins), sleep from 7:30pm-7:00am, napping from 1-4. My sister in law is pretty strict with their schedules, but it really does pay off for them.

    Do you have someone to watch a couple half days, so you can get stuff done?

  3. Don't worry about not having time to blog! We all get busy sometimes..totally okay! Savanna is almost a year(May 27th) and she goes to sleep around 8, wakes up at 7am. She typically goes back to sleep for at least an hour by 9am and then naps again in the afternoon around 1. I'm not super strict with it though because we are out and about a lot.. I actually had a blog post a few months back about finger foods for 8 month olds. Check it out, maybe it can help you? http://babyscardina.blogspot.com/2014/02/savanna-eats-what-to-feed-8-month-old.html