Scenes from our Easter Weekend

 Prepare yourself for picture overload as I recap our Easter weekend...

We spent the weekend at home with family and had a few fun things planned.  On Saturday morning our Country Club had a Easter Egg hunt scheduled along with a brunch and photos with the Easter Bunny.  I invited the Grandma's to join Matt, Brody and I for Brody's first Easter Egg Hunt and we managed to miss the entire hunt #momfail.  Apparently there were a couple different times sent out from the Country Club on accident and I was told 10:30am, but it really started at 10am.  Oh well, lets be honest.  Brody wasn't going to be doing much Easter egg hunting and we were just there for the Easter bunny photo op.  

So we got dressed in our best bunny bubble...

and this is the way the photos turned out.  #bunnyorbust

He would much rather hang out with this bunny and watch Mickey Mouse over my head.  

But we got one cute family photo from the morning. 

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church.  This was the best family photo we could catch on Easter.  

We hosted family at our house for lunch after church.  

Is that the most beautiful vase you have ever seen or what?? I'm obsessed with it.  I can't wait to tell you all more about it later this week.  

My mama gets all the credit for the meal.  She was the cutest bunny chef ever! 

She cooked this amazing dish and I have no pictures to show for it.  I'm a terrible food photographer anyway, but trust me, it's amazing.  You serve it over grits and we cooked biscuits to go along with it and it was incredible.  

We hid a few eggs around the house since the poor child missed his Easter egg hunt and he was more into it than I thought...

"Look, Mom, the Golden Egg."

My Loves

Brody's Easter Basket

Good Night little bunny....

I hope everyone had a fun and festive Easter.  The holidays are so much fun and now that this little man is on the move, I think it's only going to get better and better!!!


  1. What a perfect Easter!!! My daughter would rather watch Mickey Mouse, too. ;)


  2. Brody is absolutely precious and I love your Easter dress!

  3. Brody looked adorable - and I love his little Toms from the Easter bunny. Too cute!

  4. ADORABLE! I think the PR pjs is my fav!!! I love how much hair he has......

  5. I love Brody's easter bubble and your mom's apron! Looks like a great Easter- love your table set up! Isn't it funny how hard it is to get a family picture with an active baby?! We must have taken at least 20 and we have one decent one. Where did you get those pajamas? They are too cute!