Wednesday Wishlist

I want to wish my Hubby and baby daddy a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!  We can't wait to celebrate with you!!

We have a fun evening planned tonight with a few friends at our house and will continue the celebration this weekend as lots of friends are coming to town for Mardi Gras.  

And.....this little guy became mobile this week and it's time to get moving on the baby proofing! I posted a couple of items below that I know we are desperate for but can you please share with me some of your other tips, tricks, and recommendations for baby proofing your home???  I would appreciate it greatly!

This is for the stairs in our house.  I hope it works well and isn't insanely annoying, but I guess we have to do whatever it takes to keep our child from plummeting down the stairwell.  

Do any of you use one of these??  This one is called the North States super yard. I need a place that baby is CONTAINED.  I sit him down on the floor and get side tracked in less than 30 seconds and next thing I know he has already learned to climb in the fireplace.  

Want to join us!?!?!

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  1. I don't know anything about baby gates, but the smocked outfit is extremely precious!! Happy Wednesday!!

  2. My son just became mobile last week so this weekend is operation baby proof!! I've had a few friends tell me to use the baby gates to block off the areas you don't want the baby to get into rather than trying to contain the baby since that usually causes a fit once they are mobile. My plan and I have no idea if it will work is to use the gate to block off our fireplace and tv stand but then let him have free roam over the family room. We will also put gates our our stairs and any rooms we want to keep him out of. Like I said I have no idea if this will work but we're going to give it a try!

  3. Oh and if you haven't yet get the outlet covers- one of the first things my son went for was an outlet!! I have no idea why or how it was so interesting to him but we have all our outlets covered now.

  4. Hey Girl! We had a cage like that but Wake freaked every time we put him in it. He hated that he couldn't move around more or get out. We eventually used it as a "gate" in the hallway and then broke it down completely when he figured out how to push it over. I think we tried putting him in the cage a little too late (he had already learned about freedom) so my suggestion would be to start him in it now so he won't know any different.