Six and Seven Month Favorites

I'm a little behind on these favorites as Brody turns 8 months old this week, but here they are.  I noticed they pretty much all have to do with bath time, eating or teething; but that is basically what we have done for the last couple of months.  

I was so excited to start feeding Brody "real" food and we did that the day he turned 6 months old.  From then, we have tried different things that make life easier for feeding.  I wouldn't say that Brody took to eating really ambitiously... In fact, our first meal was quite the disappointment.  I expected him to feel like he was getting something decadent, but instead he made terrible faces and didn't eat very much.  We started with sweet potatoes and we have tried lots of different fruits and vegetables now.  Some meals Brody scarfs the food down and other meals he could care less about eating.  He certainly doesn't take after his Mother in that respect.  I never miss a meal :)

Bath time has always been part of our nightly routine and has only gotten more and more fun.  He sits in his little bath ring and now can play with toys and enjoy some bath bubbles.  
Six and Seven Month Favorities

Boon Highchair - When I first started feeding Brody, we didn't have a high chair and I would just feed him in the bumbo.  I always felt like he was too distracted and that's why he wasn't being a great eater.  This Boon highchair was quite the game changer.  Now he knows it's meal time, its a great fit and he can't reach anything else around him.  It's super easy to clean and has small wheels on the bottom so it is easy to move around.  We love it.  
Baby Bath Tub Ring - This was a great transition from his baby bath tub we used.  He grew out of the baby tub and I wasn't ready to sit him up in the big tub all by himself since he was still a bit wobbly.  
Boon Bath Toys - We received these in a Citrus Lane box and love them.  He uses them as teething toys as well as bath toys.  They float and stick to the walls and provide great entertainment!
Hylands Teething Tablets - These seem to work almost instantly and have been a lifesaver many of days.  I tried one myself first just to see how quickly they dissolve and it's within a second.  It's amazing.  
Baby Bjorn Bibs - Easiest wipe down ever and great food catcher. Plus no extra laundry. Enough said.
Infantino Spoons - Brody seems to do better with these spoons connected to the food pouches. He likes to feed himself and he can grab a hold of the pouch better than a regular spoon I guess.  They are great for feeding on the go as well and come with a carrying case. 
Activity Walker - These activity walkers are fantastic because they can be used sitting down first before your baby can start standing or walking.  He loves to sit in front of ours and play with all the gadgets and colors. 
Ella's Kitchen Baby Food Pouch - Let's be honest here.  I had every great intention of making lots of baby food of my own, but besides a mashed banana or avocado, it has all been organic pouches.  They are soo easy! I made my first big batch of homemade sweet potatoes today that I was very proud of, but how boring.....the poor kid will hate sweet potatoes by the time he is done eating it all.  I love the variety that the pouches provide.  More than I can ever put together....

What is your baby loving these days???  I'm always looking for new entertainment for this kid that has about a 3 min attention span....

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  1. My son will be 8 months tomorrow. I had every intention of making my own food and after a few failed attempts I gave up. I love the pouches- especially Ella's and Nature's Best- the ones that are mixed up are the best. We have moved onto finger foods too in our house because my little guy only wants to feed himself but I still try to use the pouches as often as he lets me. I need to try those little spoons with the pouches to see if that works better- I just let my son eat right out of the pouch and I sort of hold it.