Scenes from our Weekend: The Hunting Camp

A little behind, but here are a few pictures of our weekend...

Brody went to the woods for the first time this past weekend.  He loved it.  Our friends have a camp in Brewton, AL and we went up on Friday evening.  I didn't have any plans to hunt (I've done it once and was bored to tears), but really to just relax and enjoy nature.  I felt like we packed the entire house for a 2 day trip, but it turned out that I forgot one very important thing...our stroller!   I guess I felt like it was going to be way too cold to go out for a walk, but it turned out to be sunny, warm and beautiful all weekend long.   I was so sad we weren't able to go for a walk.  

I brought Brody's pack n play on the front porch and he loved playing in the fresh air.

We bundled up at night and sat by the fire some

The girls hung in workout clothes all day long and never wore makeup

We watched chick flicks (Bridesmaids)

and Brody got to enjoy some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too...

It's so quiet and peaceful at the camp and you are truly forced to relax.  The closest store is 25 min away, you can't get side tracked with projects at home or computers or anything else that we spend our time doing.   It was nice to just be in the moment and even sneak in a nap one day!!!


  1. You and your hair look gorgeous! Looks like you had a nice, relaxing weekend! :)

  2. Matt and Brody look just alike! Too cute.