Wednesday Wishlist Link-Up Party

Morgan and I are so excited to have our very first link-up!  We hope you have as much fun as us rounding up all of your favorite things or ideas that you are wishing for this week!  I look forward to seeing everyone's creativity and savvy finds. 

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Here's how it works:

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I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I can't seem to get Christmas off my mind already!  Maybe it's because I have a kid now and it makes the holiday's that much more exciting or maybe it's because I think we might actually be in our new home by Christmas and that makes me incredibly giddy!  So all I can think about right now is decorating the new home and shopping for baby Brody; hence my current wish list.

Here's what I'm currently wishing for:
Wednesday Wishlist

Succulents in a Pot -  I saw these at C&B and they looked so real because I think succulents always look fake any way and it made me really excited because I can't keep anything alive.  So I want them now. 
Gold Flatware - I have been pining over these for awhile now.  I love the look and they are just perfect for the holidays.  It seems like everything I love these days is Gold, so it only seems appropriate. 
Radio Flyer Walker Wagon - This would make such a cute Christmas gift for baby B who will be 6 months by then and will be just about ready to start walking  crawling!
Fraiser Fir Candle - This is my favorite Christmas candle and I am ready to start burning one this year already!  I think I have already pumpkined and butternut squashed myself out and am ready for peppermint, ginger, and fraiser fir to begin.
Grey Plush Fur Chair - Love these chairs and no explanation needed, really.  Brodster should be sitting up by Christmas time, so a mini chair would be just perfect.
Teepee - Another adorable Christmas idea for the little man.  They sell teepee's now instead of making the old fashion "forts", I guess.
Novo Acrylic Folding Table - Matt and I are definitely guilty of using TV dinner trays at night and oh how I would love these for the new house.  So classy and sleek and would be great extra tables to have around the house when needed. 
Tom Moccasins - I'm really obsessed with little babe shoes and I cannot wait until Brody can really start wearing some.  These Tom Moccasins are so damn adorable, but can probably never justify the Euro price point. 
Felt Garland - I love the felt garland for Christmas decor.  You can use it anywhere, but I'm already envisioning some in little babies nursery...Hopefully I won't have to wait until next Christmas to use it....

Okay, now it's your turn!  Share with us what's been on your wishlist lately.  Remember, it can be anything: one item or a list of things; whatever you are wishing you could buy, wear, say, do, travel to, look like, be like, not look or be like, etc... The possibilities are endless!!!

Don't for get to use the hashtag #wednesdaywishlists on your social media sites! We'd love to see your posts.  Follow me on instagram @homeofmalones and Morgan @pampersandpearls.


  1. So cute! I love the goodies for your son.

  2. I just wrote a post about Christmas the other day too! It's all that's been on my brain :/ haha. Love your list! We have a teepee and that little PB chair for our daughter and she loves both! I highly recommend them. Those little Toms are the cutest! Thanks for the linkup :)

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Frasier Fir. I burn it year-round! They even make a cleaning spray, but I try not to use that until the holidays :) Thanks for hosting the link-up. So fun to see everyone's wishlist! xo

  4. looove the gold flatware and teepee, those are on my christmas list!! I would definitely recommend the radio flyer triple play or ultimate wagon - all plastic, with a cover and seatbelts. We take that thing EVERYWHERE! to the beach it is especially easy to strap them in and be able to hose it down afterward and it can fit two kids!! I love that thing!!