Scenes From Our Weekend

We were glad to have a laid back weekend at home after it took me all most of this past week to recover from our weekend away last weekend.  Brody and I went to my office on Friday to tell everyone hello because most everyone hadn't seen him since he was about 3 weeks old or so.   We were meeting my Dad for lunch afterwards and I was excited and nervous to be taking Brody to a nice restaurant...Luckily, he was well behaved.  

Smiles with Uncle Brandon at the office

Snuggling with Papa Bear at Jackson's for Lunch

After lunch, Dad wanted to take Brody to go get some new toys and it was great because they just opened a brand new, beautiful Babies R Us in our town that I had never been too.   So we made a road trip there and got Brody this little seat.  He really didn't need a thing, but he requires much more entertainment these days; so anything helps. 

On Saturday, they had a Barktober Fest going on downtown.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we went and had lunch at Dharma Blues outside and watched some of the dogs in costume go by and then we walked around with Aspen, my Dad's dog, and enjoyed the day.  

After lunch and the festival, we walked over to some friends of ours house that just moved in downtown and were having people over for the FSU game.  I was a bit worried about taking Brody since we had taken him out to breakfast and then out to lunch and the festival, but he was a trooper and I got him to sleep for a good bit of the party :)  #winfortheparents

Sunday we woke up and like many weekend mornings, I treat my child like a little baby doll and play dress up with him.  I can't get over this Boo hat because it makes him look like such a gangsta.  Then add the striped pants and he's just your every day thug.  

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at home and then got ready to head to the beach for another little festival and to spend some time at the beach. 

Turned out Mama and Baby were color coordinated...

We parked at my Dads, grabbed some chairs and plopped ourselves at the beach for a bit.  Unfortunately, an irritable little child that didn't get his naps in cut our trip a little short or made it a little less relaxing I suppose; but we still had a nice time for a bit.  

We packed up, ordered pizza to go and headed home for a quiet evening.  Meanwhile, my husband is crying he's laughing so hard at some youtube videos he found with people farting like crazy as I write this.  It sounds very similar to my sons giant daily explosions he has in his pants... Cheers to another great weekend.  

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  1. Stopping by from the weekend update! It looks like you had a great weekend! I love the little ghost outfit! Too cute!

  2. Seriously, how cute is Brody? That little Halloween outfit is adorable. It sounds like you got him out of the house and entertained a lot. :) That probably makes for a nice long nap to give you a rest. Haha

    Have a great week! I'll be linking up on Wednesday!

  3. Well, you did it to me again! I was out at BRU today at lunch needing just a few bath items for Jack and saw the Sassy seat you just got for Brody and had to buy it. Like you, anything to help entertain him while I'm getting ready and stuff helps. Brody looks too cute in that Boo outfit and hat! "See" you tomorrow for the linkup!