One and Two Month Favorites

Several of our favorite items that we've used over the last two months with baby Brody: 

One and Two Month Favorites

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Boppy - I'm pretty sure just about everyone registers for this item or something similar and it has been wonderful for us.  It works great for breastfeeding and is nice to sit the baby up in and is so comfortable.  I love my boppy covers from PB Kids, but you can find tons of cute ones on Etsy as well.

Mustela Pump in Style - For any Mom looking to have a little freedom in her life, a nice electric breast-pump is a must.  I love this one and I think I am a little weird and actually enjoy pumping.  I pump once a day and sometimes more.  It's feels so good each time I place a new container of breastmilk in the freezer!

Fisher Price Play Mat - There are a lot of different styles out there and I'm sure they are all great.  This one has worked great for us and he absolutely loves it.  I don't think we broke ours out until he was about 4 weeks old, but I honestly don't think it's ever too early to try them out on it.  I wasn't sure what was the right age, but each day they will discover new things on it and will like it for longer periods of time.  This is also where we work on his tummy time. 

Oatmeal - I try and have this 3 or 4 mornings a week for breakfast.  I swear it helps with your milk supply.  I have read in several places that they say it is a food that increases milk supply, but I honestly don't know the specifics about it.  Luckily, I love oatmeal anyway.  Add some agave, mashed banana, chia seeds, and a scoop of peanut butter and it is delish!

Boon Drying Rack - Perfect for drying all those pump parts and bottles and nipples and looks pretty. Enough said.  

Lifenest Sleep System - I was sold this sleep system at our local baby store and once the sales person explained to me what this was for, I thought to myself, "Well, how can I not purchase it now?"  It is basically a hammock that is netted that you place your baby on and if they were to roll over, they can still breath through the netting.  So it prevents SIDS and it also is sold to help prevent babies from getting flat heads.  It really helped put my mind at ease when we moved Brody to the crib at 4 weeks old.  I only expect this system to fit him through about 3 months of age which is fine because by then he should be able to move around well on his own.  I do highly recommend this if you plan to put your baby in their own room and want to ease your mind about them breathing if they were to roll over.  

Bella B Nipple Butter - Amazing for sore, cracked nipples.  Safe for baby and works as lip balm too!

WubbaNub Pacifier - Brody has been funny about pacifiers.  He took the gumdrops first and then he went through a phase when I didn't think he was going to take any pacifier anymore and now he will only take the Wubbanubs.  I love it too because he is now hugging the little animal with his arms and it's so sweet looking.

Honest Company Products - I really like all the products that I've used so far which is quite a lot.  They only one I found that hasn't worked that well is the laundry stain remover.  It just doesn't seem to get out those tough stains from a diaper explosion if you know what I mean! Oxyclean still works much better for that.  

Carseat Cover - This is really nice to have when you start taking your baby out and about.  You can cover your baby up in the carseat and then you don't have people trying to touch their hands and wake them up if they are sleeping.  It also is nice to help block the sun.  They have all types of cute options on Etsy. 

Mom's On Call Book - I have talked about this book numerous times.  We have loved referring to it since Brody was born and we also utilize it to refer to a routine for Brody.  Great sleep tips and basic baby care as well.  

Covered Goods Breastfeeding Cover - Super cute options for great, light-weight covers for breastfeeding.  We had tons of company in the beginning and instead of having to move away from the crowd and go sit in a room by myself, I was able to throw this on and still be joined in the converation while feeding the baby.  

Similac 2 oz Bottles - We were introduced to these in the ICU when Brody was born and now I am thankful.  I kind of despised them at first because it meant that I was not producing enough milk for Brody in the hospital and they were wanting me to supplement, but now I'm glad they did and it made me realize that it was okay if I needed to give him 2 oz or so once a day to supplement him.  It helped me be able to get out of the house more too because I would pump, but not always enough in the beginning, and I could leave one of these bottles too in case he needed it.  Just remember.  Happy Mama, Happy Baby.  Don't kill yourself or be too hard on yourself if you are breastfeeding.  A little supplementing is not going to hurt! 

PB Farm Rattles - So far we have loved these little rattles to hang on his car seat and his stroller bassinet for walks.  It helps keep him entertained and they are really cute looking too!

Nightlight - I posted about this nightlight in my post about packing for the hospital and we really have continued to use it.  It stays plugged-in in his nursery and when I go in their at night to feed, I use this to change his diaper so I don't have to turn on too much light.  It's perfect. 

Kissy Kissy Convertible Gowns - I just love this brand because they are so soft and cute, but there are other brands out there that make these gowns.  They are so perfect in the beginning because you are changing a lot of diapers and this requires no buttons!  You just slip it up and change the diaper and slip it back down.  As they get bigger, you can change the buttons to make little legs out of the gown.  It's great.  

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle - I have tried out LOTS of different swaddles now and these definitely have worked the best for us.  The aden + anais blankets are wonderful, but they do not hold tight enough for our nighttime swaddles.  We really like these and they are so easy to use.  Even Matt can do them :)  Plus it makes for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night because you are just unzipping the zipper half way and zipping back up as opposed to having to re-swaddle in the middle of the night.  Trust me.  That's not fun.

What have been your favorite items for your newborn?


  1. I LOVE my boon as a way to dry bottles. It was the only one I found good enough to dry all those parts from those Dr. Brown bottles

  2. Awesome post! I have so many of those items, but learned about some stuff too...and I thought I knew about EVERYTHING! I'm about to go order a Covered Good nursing cover. Those standard covers just don't do the trick.

  3. Would you recommend the Moms on Call book as a gift for a stay at home dad-to-be?