House Update : Trim, Paint and Cabinets

So I haven't done a house update in a month now mainly because there has been nothing to update.  That makes a homebuilder very very sad.  I will blame some of it on the record rainfall we have had this summer, but really it is mostly due to a setback we had with our trim.  

We had all of our trim work up in the house back at the end of July and when the painters came in, they discovered a problem and all of our trim and interior doors had to be removed and replaced.  So, we have been stagnant this past month waiting on new material and finally as of this past weekend, we are back at work. 

Making up for past time in the dark!  Matt's been working so hard on this house for us, I am very proud.

There is not much that has changed on the interior from the post I did here.  Hopefully though, we are moving forward from this point on the interior.  The painters are back and hopefully they will finish soon and be able to move onto the exterior.  You can see in the photos below that the exterior is completely bricked (please ignore the different color mortars used). All of the brick will be painted a creamy color. 

We still have a ways to go, but I'm happy we are back moving forward. Those beautiful cabinets posted below have been ready and sitting in a warehouse for six weeks now.  That brings a few tears to my eyes!  Maybe next week...

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