J. Crew Sale

J. Crew is having a sale this weekend that I had to share.  

Use code: CARDMEMBER with your J. Crew Card
HURRY! Sale ends March 26th, 2013

Being pregnant doesn't allow for a lot of exciting shopping...at least in my opinion.  However, it is still fun to shop for accessories and things that you know you can still enjoy after the pregnancy! 

I had a very productive spring cleaning day (the start of my nesting) this week where I went through my closet and got rid of quite a bit of clothes and A LOT of shoes that I am giving to Goodwill.  And of course, since I did that, now I'm dying to fill my closet with new pretty things.  

Matt and I have a trip planned with my family at the end of next month to the bahamas for a week where we will be celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday, Matt and I's wedding anniversary and I guess we could call it a baby moon too!  We are squeezing in this trip just days before my doctor told me I could no longer fly. That means I am going to be 31 weeks pregnant floating in the Carribean.  Other than the fact that I will be feeling very pregnant, I am super excited for a week of relaxation.  

So here are some of my J. Crew picks to hopefully take with me on my vacation.  I'm not sure if their tankinis will cover my belly by then, but I'm really hoping so!!  

They have some SUPER CUTE dresses right now that I'm am completely lusting over but know they will not work for my pregnant self.  I love this adorable scalloped dress  and this Camille dress that comes in several cute colors.  

Ciao! I must get back to my internet shopping! 

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