House Update : Plumbing, A/C, and Electrical

Things are starting to move fast on the house now.  It's so exciting to see 10 cars pulled up to the job site now rather than just the same 4 framers we've seen there for the last 3 months!   We had a busy week last week meeting with the A/C guys, plumbers and the electricians.  These next two weeks or so are critical making sure we get everything right as far as plumbing and lighting goes.  The lighting is a LOT of work.  You don't realize quite how tedious it is making all the decisions on where recessed cans will go, overhead lighting or side sconces in the bathrooms, chandelier placement over dining room table, pendent placement over the kitchen island, etc.  Then deciding where your switches will be in each room and what lights they will control and then the switches that you can make control electrical outlets that your lamps will be plugged into and the list goes on....It's exhausting, but very exciting at the same time.  I think we got a lot accomplished last week and the electricians will be hard at work this week wiring the house.

This is a picture of our master bedroom with an electric fireplace that is two-sided.  One side will be facing our bed and the other is next to my jacuzzi tub in the bathroom! I can't wait.  I've already dreamed about sitting in my tub with a glass of wine, the fireplace on, and a sleeping baby.  Complete relaxation!

Bedroom side

Bathroom side

This is a shot underneath our stair case downstairs.  It is going to be a mini wine cellar.  The door will be a see-through iron gate that looks into our pretty cellar.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.

They started framing the "Carriage House" last week which is our detached garage that has one guest bedroom downstairs and then upstairs is one big open room that will be the man cave.  If you look closely at the picture below you will see that there are two step-ups on the 2nd floor.  That is for the stadium seating in the man cave.  They haven't started framing the 2nd floor yet.

Carriage House

Our roof tiles will be today....I can't wait to see the roof on!

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  1. With the basic foundation done, I hope the rest of house construction went smoothly and at a fast pace afterwards. I hope everything went well, and that no mishaps or long delays got in the way. I bet this place shaped up nicely. Cheers!

    Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing