Thoughts for Thursday

Hey Friends,
I'm a little behind today but wanted to make sure the link-up was up and running. 

Until I get a few minutes to get my post up, here's a link to the professional pictures from Madelyn's first birthday party that you can take a look at:
Madelyn's 1st Birthday

I'm back!  Here's a few random thoughts from our week so far.

+ I just finished up Truly Madly Guilty by Loraine Morairty.  I think it's been a pretty popular book because people like her as an author.  I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on Good Reads (friend me) because I felt like it took half of the book to really get good.  I thought the first half was so slow and then it finally got better.  It wasn't my favorite, but was relatable at times.

+ I feel like we have all been a bit under the weather this week.  Matt had elbow surgery on Monday morning and he has pretty much been out of commission.  That means that Mama has to pick up all the slack plus play nurse and cook to hubby.  Add on not feeling well and it make for a pretty long week!  Both of the kids are healthy, but Madelyn has had a serious runny nose all week.  We also all got our flu shots! Those babies sting!!!

+ Today starts the Tory Burch Fall Sale.  I can't say enough wonderful things about her boots.  I own about 4 pairs and I love them all so much.  Miller sandals and Carolina flats (newer version) are also my go-tos.  This year, you get 30% off your entire purchase if you spend more than $250.  That's pretty awesome.  I wear this tote every single day.  It works great as a diaper bag for kids because it wipes down really easy but it's cute and doesn't look like a diaper bag.  There's a few other purses  that I would love to pick up and I'm always wanting another pair of Miller sandals.  Use code FALL16 for discount. Here's a few of my favorites:

+ Tonight I am headed to a girls night for a Cabi Clothing party.  Has anyone ever heard of Cabi before?  I hadn't until a friend of mine started selling it, but they have some really cute stuff.

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