Thoughts for Thursday

+ I just finished my first novel that I've read in a long time,When I'm Gone.  I'm not exactly sure how I came across this one, but it was pretty good.  I would say that it was a bit heavier (and hit a little too close to home) than I was really looking for since it was about a wife and mother who died of cancer, but I ultimately, I ended up liking it.  It was a little slow to start, but then it kept me wanting more.  I think I'm finally in a reading groove.  I just started The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand.  Who's read it?  I also finally joined GoodReads and think I accidentally made two profiles. One through my email address and one through my Facebook account. So I need to fix that.

+ Ya'll Madelyn eats everything.  You can't comprehend how wonderful this is until you've had a ridiculously picky child.  Brody was and still is such a picky eater.  It kills me.  I can put anything in front of Madelyn and she will go to town.  She is loving eating finger foods and does not discriminate!

+ If you live in Pensacola or anywhere that has a Trampoline House, you should go.  Our's is actually called Fly Zone.  It was so much fun.  Brody had a blast and next time I will be sure to take Madelyn.  I think any kid that can walk, can have a great time there.  They have a special Toddler Zone and was perfect for keeping the kids safe from the really big kids.  Apparently they have adult exercise classes there at night too! How fun??

+ These two kids and I are packing up to head to the Mountains next week.  I'm nervous as always to fly with young kiddos, but I couldn't be more excited to go.  I'm hoping to start packing this weekend!   Brody will be in his own seat on the flight this year and Madelyn will be in my lap.  Should be interesting....

+ I'm really working on trying to get our playroom a bit more organized again.  I've missed having my office desk space in this room, so I'm trying to get it cleaned up enough for me to have it back!  Our new rug arrived and I love it and we also got Madelyn's early 1st birthday present.  She needed her own chair because she kept trying to steal Brody's and he was having none of it!!

+ We don't take the kids out to dinner often, but we decided to try a new restaurant with them this week.  They looked super cute and seemed up for the challenge, but it was such a cluster.  Trying to entertain these two for the entire dinner and then when our food arrives, they are so over it.  Instead, I'm sitting outside in the heat while Madelyn runs around on the back deck outside.  One day we will learn....

Bows on Bows and sweet Moccs... I'll just eat her right up :)

+ So I think we've survived all the little summer colds we've passed around these last few weeks.  The bad news is that Brody is 3 years old now and still prone to ear infections.  It's so sad, but basically any time he gets sick; I can expect that an ear infection will soon follow.  It's so sad.  We've scheduled tubes and the removal of his adenoids in September.  Anyone who has been through this, I would love to hear from you and anything about your experience.  I know it's a common procedure, but it's always scary to have to have your child go under anesthesia. 

+ I have my eye on these two pair of sandals from the Tory Burch Private Anniversary Sale going on right now.  I've been wanting a pair of red shoes in my closet lately (probably because of the Olympics going on right now) and white goes with everything!! I love a great wedge :)


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  1. I have such a picky eater too! Jack won't touch anything, its so frustrating. Graham is like Madelyn and will eat whatever is put in his face. I hope it continues! Ive been wanting to take jack to a trampoline park, I really think he would have fun! Im hoping they won't be as crowded once school starts back. I love that you match your babies! I'm all about some matching sets with my boys, its so cute! Going out to dinner with two kids is so hard Graham is usually great right until the food comes and then decides to melt down and cry..it's always a joy!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. I loved the Rumor! Isn't it crazy to have two kids and do basically the same thing with both and one is picky and the other not?!! I have 4 kids and both my boys are so stinkin' picky!

  3. We had tubes when our little was 10 months old and it has been amazing. She was getting ear infections every month and the medicine was starting to be too much on her little body. The worst part of surgery (for us) was one parent taking them back (I voted my husband to do this) and then the waking up part. Some babies do fine but our little was hysterical. The hours after she was very sleepy but was back to herself the next day.

  4. Isn't is such a relief to have a good eater? It was always great knowing your kids were getting nutrients that they need when they were willing to eat! Good luck traveling to the mountains with the littles! It will be so worth it when you get there!

    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  5. I could eat her with a spoon oh my gosh, those bows!

  6. My niece just had the same procedure (lucky for her, her dad is an anthesiologist and was able to "gas her" himself) but she was literally running laps in the house that afternoon! brody - and mama - will do great!

  7. Oh. my. gosh. I don't even have a daughter, but I have to know where her little bubble is from because it is TO DIE FOR! Your babies are just adorable!

  8. My Logan had tubes put in when he was 6 months old and it is scary, but so quick and so worth it! I think he was back in surgery for a total of 15 minutes and did really well. Recovery was quick and we've had no ear infections since!

  9. Oliver isn't a picky eater at all and to hear that if they aren't from the beginning they won't be, hopefully, is wonderful! Cait's son Rowan had to get tubes at a young so definitely talk to her!

  10. Oh my word, that last outfit you have on Madelyn is to die for!!!! She is so, so cute.

  11. I cannot get over those sweet yellow and white outfits! Too cute! I just started an Elin book, too, Summerland. I have heard so many good things about her books, and so far it's pretty good, although a little more intense than I had anticipated. Can't wait to hear what you think about The Rumor! I believe that's in my library pile as well.

  12. I'm obsessed with GoodReads! It's seriously a life changer!

  13. What is GoodReads and why don't I have it? I'm so happy you have an easy eater, I dream of that!!!

  14. I hope your trip with the kids goes well!! We're heading up there tomorrow actually!

  15. Tubes were the best thing that happened to us! My little got them at 8 months and they made a world of difference. The surgery was so quick I didn't really have time to worry too much. The worst part was that he was hysterical coming off anesthesia but he was back to his normal self within the hour.