Day in the Life

I know lots of you love a good day in the life post and I did my best to document our day on Friday, August 12th.  It's been in my draft box to finish up, but it was a pretty good indication of what a day looked like this summer.  Brody was in camp for some of summer which was nice too.  The kids don't start back school until after Labor day, so we're getting close to closing out summer.  

7:15am :: Madelyn wakes and we have the bottle in bed together.   Matt was coming down with some type of flu, so Brody had spent the night at his Grammy's house.  We enjoyed some snuggles in bed, then she played in our room while Matt and I got ready for the day.

8:00am :: We're downstairs and Madelyn has some cheerios and bananas and I eat some overnight oats for breakfast.

For my overnight oats: I usually use 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup almond milk and 1/3 cup yogurt and some chia seeds. I'm loving this Salted Caramel yogurt I bought recently in it.  Then when I serve it up that morning I add my fruit and a scoop of peanut butter.

8:30am :: I feel like I have all the time in the world this morning because I just have one child to handle.  I'm taking Madelyn with me to a 9:45am Pure Barre class where they have kids care.  I get her all dressed and ready to go.

9:10am :: We're getting close to walk out the door and I smell poop.  Of course.  So I think I have all the time in the world and instead she has this ridiculous outfit on that doesn't have snaps in the crotch so I have to completely undress her to change her diaper and I'm saying a few curse words.

9:20 :: We're out the door and I'm hoping I find a good parking spot.

9:30am :: We walk into kids care.  I start playing with some toys with her and when she's occupied, I sneak out and hope she doesn't cry too much.

9:45am :: Mom's in class and happy to get a workout in.

10:50am :: I'm thankful I got to finish my workout and I walk to the kids care to check on Madelyn.  I take a quick peek in and the big kids have all built a fort and Madelyn is just hanging out with the sitter.  She said she did great and only cried the first couple of minutes when she realized I had left her.

11:00 am :: We're home in time for me to put her down late for her morning nap.  She goes right down and I head to the computer to do a little work and then make myself some lunch.  Today I had some chicken salad from Fresh Market which is my favorite and I serve it up with some wheat thins and an apple. 

12:00pm :: I'm finishing up lunch and watching the woman's soccer game quarterfinals for the olympics.  My MIL walks through the door with Brody since he had spent the night at her house.  I was worried about his ears, so he was schedule to go see our pediatrician this afternoon.  

12:45pm :: Brody and I head out the door to see the doctor and I leave some lunch for Madelyn when she wakes up and my MIL was sweet enough to stay at the house with her while I ran Brody to the doc.

mac & cheese with peas and grilled chicken

2:00pm :: We get home from the doctor after Brody having to get a shot of antibiotics and we put him down for his nap and I'm sad because I missed the end of the girls soccer match which they lost in penalty kicks. So that was the end for them in the olympics.  I play with Madelyn while Brody sleeps.

3:45pm :: I put Madelyn down for a late little catnap since we kind of messed up her normal nap schedule. 

4pm :: I sneak in my room for a bit to try on some new clothes that arrived from UPS man this afternoon while both kids were sleeping.  I'm so excited about my new shoes, sweater and distressed shorts. 

Pleated Sweater | Shorts | Shoes {only $69}

4:30pm :: Brody wakes up and I wake Madelyn up and we all play around the house for a bit until Daddy gets home.

5pm :: Daddy gets home early and we discuss some ideas for dinner because I'm not cooking.  Matts under the weather and so is Brody, so we decide to just pick up something to go. 

5:30pm :: I feed Madelyn some dinner and then we all go sit outside for a bit and visit and let the kids play. 

black eyed peas, green beans, and corn

6pm :: I leave Matt with the kiddos for a few minutes while I go pick us up some chicken wings from our favorite little spot. 

6:30pm :: I came home with food and we ate a quick dinner before I brought Madelyn up for a bath and bed.  

7pm :: Madelyn is down and we hang downstairs for about an hour.  

8pm :: We all go up early to bed since we've had some sickness and Matt lays down with Brody and we all get a good night sleep!  That's a wrap! 

Link up with Natalie and I below for Thoughts for Thursday.  We're still in Vail and I'll update you all on the trip next week.  I have a special post tomorrow to continue our Blogger Spotlight series.


  1. I love day in the life posts! I'm so jealous you're barre class has child care. Ours does not so its so hard to get there unless I have childcare lined up. I hope everyone is on the mend and feeling better!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My favorite type of post! I especially loved seeing what you were eating. :) So nice that your pure barre offers child care - I am sure that is a life saver!

  3. I love this and am SO jealous about the child care at PB. What an amazing feature!

  4. I love day in the life posts. I have been wanting to do one but my weekdays are so boring, I need to do it on a not too busy Saturday.

    Cannot wait to hear about Vail!!!

  5. Always love these posts! Isn't it amazing how easy one kid can be. I'm also jealous your PB has childcare, I wish ours did. Hope you're enjoying your trip :)

  6. My favorite type of posts :) I am also impressed that your PB has a childcare component! What a great option for moms! My PB does not have that...:/ Even though this is not an issue for me yet...it may be in the future!

  7. I too love these posts! Being a working mom I love to see how life is as a SAHM. I have a pair of Sole Society shoes very similar to the ones you have and they're SO comfortable!

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